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Feb 27, 2011 04:14 PM

Where can I find shelled pistachios?

It would seem like an easy thing to find, but since Morrow's Nut House closed (sigh) I don't know where to find shelled pistachios. I would like them roasted and salted.

I'm looking for a place in San Francsco, East of Twin Peaks, please.

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    1. definitely trader joe's, unroasted and unsalted also.

      1. Ferry Building farmer's markets.

        1. Safeway (at least the one near me) has them in their roasted nuts stand.

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          1. re: mr_darcy

            Yes, I saw them at Market/Church Safeway in SF last night.

          2. I know you asked for them shelled, though costco has some with shell on, roasted and salted at a good price.