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Feb 27, 2011 03:53 PM

Must Eats in NOVA?

Any must eats in NOVA, in or around Fairfax County?

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  1. Sure are. Where are you exactly and what are you looking for?

    FFX county itself is large.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Well around Chantilly would be nice. I am looking more for the best food than a specific cuisine. I am just looking for great restaurants that I shouldn't miss out on.

    2. If you are into sushi, "Sushi Yoshi" in Vienna is definitely a must eat.

      Mozart Villa, an Italian restaurant, just opened up in Fairfax. I've heard rave reviews about it so I would suggest stopping by.

      1. My Fairfax favorites right now are Saravana Palace, Mazadar Kabob, and Thai by Thai. At Mazadar Kabob, their baba ganouj is not made with tahini but with a large dose of smoked paprika that gives it a rich, deep almost chocolate color. At Saravana Palace, they make a few Chinese-Indian dishes like a chili paneer - very awesome. At Thai by Thai they cook with preserved lemon, stalks of peppercorns, and their Pad Cha is distinctive.