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Feb 27, 2011 02:20 PM

Italian Rum Cake - North End

Hi All -

So I grew up on italian rum cakes for my birthday (this may explain a lot about me). As I remember the cake, it had a nice custard filling (almost non ricotta canolli like) with stawberries and this was layered within white cake that was obviously drizzled with a heavy hand of rum. I remember my italian mother and everyone saying the "frosting" has to be whiped cream, probably b/c my birthday was in the dead of the summer.

So I am really missing this cake so I am going to buy myself one and go to town. Does anyone know who makes the best Italian rum cakes in the North End?


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  1. I get a good one at Modern Pastry in Medford, so I would think the North End location could get you one, too. I too, grew up with those cakes for my birthday. I like the one you like, custard, strawberries. I also insist on slivered almonds on the outside. Be specific when you order as they can be made in different ways.

    Modern Pastry
    20 Salem St, Medford, MA

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    1. re: pemma

      Yes, slivered almonds as well, I assumed that was always on the cake. Thanks for the heads up. Does Modern offer the whipped cream "frosting"?

      1. re: NahantNative

        Elm St. Bakery in Everett has my favorite.

      1. I am a nahant Native as well, LOL! Spinelli's in East Boston and Lynnfield makes the best italian rum cake!

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          Modern Pastry in the North End and Lolly's Bakery in East Boston were our staples for these cakes growing up. Haven't had Lolly's in such a long time, but I would have to say that I remember theirs were a tad better than Modern's.

          1. re: missfoodie

            Yes, year's ago my father used to schelp over to Lolly's to get the rum cake.