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Feb 27, 2011 01:08 PM

Two 27 year olds spending 3 nights each in Madrid+Barcelona this May would love some suggestions

My friend and I will be visiting Madrid and Barcelona in May. I studied abroad in Madrid in 2004, and while some of the same restaurants may still be popular (Bazaar, La Finca, Zalacain, etc) I'd love to try something new as well. I've never been to Barcelona, so thats all new to me. Im thinking in each city we'll do 1 splurge dinner (up to about 150 american dollars a person with alcohol), 1 tapas dinner, and 1 wildcard/something fun. Any must try suggestions?

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  1. I would search this board as there have been many posts on eating in Madrid and Barcelona. Below are a lists that would make a good beginning. Just click on the individual thread to bring up the posts. Also just type in Barcelona/Madrid on the search function on the country board. I am sure the inform posters will help with specific places, areas, etc.