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Feb 27, 2011 11:17 AM

Groceries and other Sundries

Chowhound Las Vegas,

We will be staying at the Marriott Grand Chateau for an upcoming stay and wanted some recommendations on stores that may have good prices on snacks and other items.

Usually, we hit a local Grocery Outlet for such items and don't mind hunting down bargains or eating off brands.

Saw a store called Fresh and Easy listed, but no Grocery Outlet.

We have wheels and are able to drive to sites.


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  1. There's a Trader Joes just off of West Sahara on Decatur.

    1. Had you searched CH you might have found my post on the subject.

      Vons... middle of the road supermartket chain. Perfectly acceptable for everything. On Tropicana, corner of Maryland Parkway.

      Albertsons... slightly better supermarket chain than Vons. Better produce and meats. On Flamingo, corner of Maryland Parkway.

      Whole Foods Market... This is where Bravo TV sends the top chefs to shop. Heavy emphasis on organic food. GREAT produce. Amazing seafood and meats. Vast variety of prepared food sold by the pound. Think salad bar on STEROIDS. Located in Town Center on Las Vegas Bvld. just north of the 215 freeway. Town Center makes for a pretty good destination itself.

      Trader Joe's Market... smaller stores with a slight bent towards organics. Good produce and breads. Vast variety of juices, wines, beers, snacks, protein bars, nuts and dairy items. Good choice of frozen meals.

      99 Ranch Market... All things Asian. Inside Chinablock. Most people say Chinatown until they've seen it, then they understand why many locals refer to it as Chinablock.

      International Marketplace... An amazing warehouse full of ethnic foods.

      1155 East Twain Avenue
      Las Vegas, NV 89169-4208
      (702) 696-0906

      1300 East Flamingo Road,
      Las Vegas, NV‎
      (702) 733-2947‎

      Whole Foods Market
      6689 Las Vegas Boulevard South
      Las Vegas, NV 89119
      (702) 589-7711

      Trader Joe's
      2716 North Green Valley Parkway
      Henderson, NV 89014-2132
      (702) 433-7385

      99 Ranch Market
      4155 Spring Mountain Road
      Las Vegas, NV 89102-8740
      (702) 364-8899

      International Marketplace
      5000 South Decatur Boulevard
      Las Vegas, NV 89118-1515
      (702) 889-2888