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Feb 27, 2011 11:03 AM

Malt Powder

I'd like to buy malt powder to make bagels, but I've heard it's really expensive. Are there any other ways to use malt powder so that I can get my moneys worth? Any specific recipes that call for malt powder would be greatly appreciated!

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      1. Are you referring to diastatic malt powder?

        I've made my own following the directions here:

        1. I experimented with a chocolate truffle. I was trying to duplicate malt balls.

          I added the malt to the scalded cream. I needed quite a bit of it to get the taste but do not let the cream boil after the malt goes in.

          The stuff I was using was a kind of flour and once the cream boiled it thickened which wasn't what I was after. I used white chocolate. You could use milk chocolate.

          1. I make malted milks (milk, ice cream,chocolate syrup, and malt powder in blender or food processor or drink maker). Some people put it in waffles. Carnation runs about $3.50 a jar. If you have an Indian market near you they sell Horlick's---different flavor, probably costs less too. Not all that expensive. People have been telling you stories.

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              Haha so it seems! I'll check out the market near me to see what I can find. Thanks!

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                  They are. Malt powder is made from malted barley and nothing else. If there is a home brew supplies store in your town, they will have what you need for making bagels.