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Feb 27, 2011 08:49 AM

Sunday pozole in AA

Tracklements is featuring Mexican dishes to go on Sundays. Enchiladas, arroz, mole, etc. Just had the pozole--veryvery good!! Bien rico!

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  1. That sounds pretty darn good. Last time I was there I didn't notice any of the three people behind the counter being Mexican looking. Any idea where this came from? (not that gringos can't cook Mexican food, but...)

    1. Update: Tracklements discontinued their Mexican meals, sadly.

      1. Where in the Great Lakes Region is this located?

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        1. re: Fowler

          Ann Arbor, MI. Sorry, "AA" is our local lingo.

          1. re: VTB

            No need to say sorry and thanks for the clarification. I have been to the MoCool wine and food fest probably about ten or so times and have never heard the locals refer to Ann Arbor as "AA". But maybe they do not use that designation so they are not confused with the other AA.