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Feb 27, 2011 06:56 AM

Cooking Classes emphasizing Fresh Produce

We are moving to San Diego and look forward to the freshness and availability of local organic produce. My goal is to quit cooking from boxes and bags, and to start cooking based on what currently looks good at the farmer's market. Do you know of cooking classes that teach delicious, fresh produce-based meals? I would also like to learn to use my knives more efficiently by learning knifing techniques.

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  1. Local Chef Elizabeth Podsiadlo offers a series of cooking classes -- "From the Garden to the Table" -- at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas that sounds like what you're looking for. According to her website, she also offers private classes. Check out the bottom half of this page:

    Also, the Hillcrest Farmer's Market has a visiting chef series, where "Chefs from local restaurants and market vendors perform live demonstrations of their favorite tasty treats while also providing market patrons with helpful cooking tips." More info here:

    1. There's a kitchen supply place, in PB on Garnet St, called Great News. They have classes every month.

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        Great News has at least one knife skills course. Some courses focus on using seasonal produce, and there are 2 others that are tours. One goes to Suzie's organic farm and another to an Asian Market which used to be 99 Ranch, but not sure which market they go to now. Most courses are demonstration, but there are a few hands on.

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