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Feb 27, 2011 06:18 AM

Hacienda La Paloma

I've noticed that Hacienda La Paloma has finally opened. It's across the street from the Lexington Grill in Mt. Kisco in the home of the former Cuban Restaurant Coco Rumba. I believe the management has remained the same. An on line search found a web page still in development and without menu detail. Has anyone had the opportunity to visit and can share with me the experience?


Coco Rumbas
443 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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  1. Looking for the same info - has anyone been yet? Thanks!

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    1. I find it odd that they have billed themselves the Best Margerita before they even had opened...

      1. Good food and drinks but AWFUL VALET SERVICE. They LOST my keys and now I have to go to the dealer and get a $200 key made Don't bring your car or park it somewhere else, if you do you risk being the 3rd person in less than a month to have the incompetent valet lose your keys.

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          Why do you have to pay the $200? Isn't the restaurant responsible?

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            They said they would pay for the key but I have to go to the dealer wait for an hour and be inconvenienced when they have incompetent valet people. I also had my house key on it and again my husband wants me to change the locks and that leads to more inconvenience even if they pay me back they aren't being inconvenienced I am . A quick dinner that started at 7:15 went until 9:45 and ruined the rest of my evening. I would be really careful if you plan to eat there. They don't know what they are doing as far as the parking goes.

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              Well, s___ happens, at least they are doing the right thing. BTW, don't most cars come with at least 2 keys?

              1. re: menton1

                Yes most cars come with 2 keys but why should I have to pay to replace the key they lost? By the way the car key cost $298. to make and the locks for the house cost $325 and to make new keys since the old ones won't work cost $48 for a grand total of $671. I was the only one inconvenienced and I did nothing wrong. After ten days the valet company gave me a check I had to pick up at the restaurant. It ended well but was almost two weeks of me following up and constantly calling to make sure they would do the right thing. I probably will not go back because the food was ok.

        2. We went on Saturday night and the service was absolutely horrible and slow. They took our drink order and served the tableside guacomole and drinks. However, after 90 minutes our food had still not been served. Management did not seem to care when we questioned them. We will not go back.