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Feb 27, 2011 03:10 AM

DTW-Free Press Brunch Survey...

Sylvia Rector, the Freep Foods Writer, is surveying area diners to find the outstanding Brunch spots in metro Detroit. She plans an article around the subject for later this spring.

Where would you suggest she sample?

I'm not a brunch lover, but might be persuaded by the options she pulls together.

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  1. Ok, I hesitate to recommend, since I have not been to this place in a while, but... Michelle's on Van Dyke in Warren served a pretty nice brunch buffet as I recall. We went with a big group for a post-marathon breakfast a couple of years ago. I remember the place being clean, comfortable, capable service, and nice selection. Not an upscale brunch, just good homestyle diner fare. One recent reviewer on Yelp called Michelle's out for being "filthy", which would mean it has taken a steep dive since we were there. Nevertheless, my memories are quite favorable.