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Feb 26, 2011 11:28 PM

Solo in Bangkok - what's near Millennium Hilton?

It's my first time to Bangkok and I'm traveling solo. Although I love food, I'm not keen on venturing all over town on my own, just for a good bite to eat. Are there places near my home base, the Millennium Hilton where I can get some inexpensive and tasty Thai or Japanese dinners? I can easily take the boat to Sapham Taksin BTS or River City.

I'll be out and about for lunches and figure I'll find something near the tourist attractions. But any recommendations near Jim Thompson House or Vimanmek Mansion would be great (I'm estimating I'll be hitting those around lunchtime).

Thank you!

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  1. Just north of the Hilton is Yok Yor Marina and Restaurant. They used to be great, but some recent reviews seem mixed.

    If you take the hotel's shuttle to Saphan Taksin BTS, go 2 stops to Chong Nonsi. Lek Seafood is beneath the Chong Nonsi platform. Lek has always gotten good reviews.

    For lunch near Vimanmek, definitely head to Krua Apsorn. Many find this eatery a destination in itself. It's only about a kilometer away. Definitely try the crab omelet:


    When done eating lunch, you can cross the street and catch a #16 bus to SIAM. The bus will give a new perspective to Bangkok and it will only cost around 20 baht. You'll be able to recognize SIAM, because the bus stop is in front of Siam Paragon.

    Many seem to like the eatery at Jim Thompson's House, although I don't know any locals who dine there. MBK Center, across Rama I from the Jim Thompson Neighborhood, has many different eateries, including its famous 6th floor food court. There is also its "Fifth Floor Food Avenue", but it is also the haunt of tourist. Most locals head to the 6th floor.

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      Thank you so much - this is exactly what I needed!

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        I lunched at Krua Apsorn today and had the crab omelet. It was tasty with the chili sauce, but very rich and I ate just over half of it. It's hard to have much appetite in million degree weather. The proprietress was very worried that I didn't like it - I don't think she is used to people ordering just one dish and then not finishing.

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          Glad you liked it.

          Thai dining is often difficult when dining alone. Part of the experience is sampling many dishes. This is easiest in a group.

    2. Across from the French Embassy and close to River City is a great Thai-Muslim Restaurant -- Home Cuisine Islamic.
      Its inexpensive comfortable spot popular with locals and tourists.
      Also, I've heard the bar (Balco?) above River City is a surprising affordable place to grab a drink with a view.

      Home Cuisine Islamic is on Chroen Krung 36.

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        I've never had Thai-Muslim food. Any specific recommendations?

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          The cuisine is Indian-influenced. Most people order roti instead of rice to accompany their curries. There is a great sour fish curry. Amazing biryani. I have tried the chicken biryani, but if you eat mutton, I hear its even better.

          There are interesting vegetarian dishes, including daal and a great sliced eggplant dish.

          I also like their "samosas", which are wrapped in an egg roll paper, instead of a pastry.

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            Gaeng Panaeng Gai (Penang chicken curry) comes to mind. This popular curry originates from Thailand's Muslim south, bordering Malaysia. It's a rather sweetish (with the addition of brown palm sugar) chicken and potato curry, thickened with peanuts.

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              I think you are thinking mussamun curry, chicken or beef curry with potatoes, onions and peanuts.

        2. You mentioned you are interested in both Thai and Japanese food. Its BTS ride away but I have friends that love the Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant -- Pla Dib.

          Based on what I have heard and its name, it focuses on fish dishes.

          Its relatively close to the Ari BTS station.

          1. I'm not too familiar with that area unfortunately, but I would 2nd the recommendation for Lek Seafood. It's a nice restaurant in a convenient location. Get some deep fried soft shell crab if possible. It's my favorite dish there.

            1. Not sure if my reply is still in time.

              There is a nice cozy non-chain Thai restaurant called Harmonique. It locates at 22 Charoen Krung Soi 34, Bangkok, Thailand. That Soi (minor road) is across the river from Millenium Hilton.

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                As a matter of fact, you are just in time. I arrived in Bangkok this afternoon. Thanks!