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Feb 26, 2011 10:49 PM

What is this Italian deli meat called?

I was watching an episode of cake boss on tlc and they made a cake for a deli. I thought I had tried pretty much all Italian deli meats, but they named one I haven't tried. They called it Brus-i-tin-i or Brus-i-ti-no. So what is this meat?

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  1. The name doesn’t resemble anything I can find, but it would be helpful if you could (a) describe it, (b) place it somewhere in Italy since these things tend to be local, (c) address the credibility of the person who gave the name (I am unfamiliar with cake boss). There is a cooked beef preparation of Lombardia called bruscitt, but that's as close as I can get without more info.

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      Don't know much more than the name. sorry.

    2. Would it be bresaola? That's an Italian air-dried beef that's quite wonderful.

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          I describe it as beef proscuitto, and usually serve it with lemon, oilve oil and arugula. A great dish.

        2. Sounds like it could just be a bad Jersey pronunciation of prosciuttini.

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            Actually, that is probably right. There is also (thinking p for b and o for u opens up a whole new angle) something called probusti in Trentino, a sausage of veal and pork with kidney fat meant to be boiled or grilled.

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              I'm not so sure our Jersey bakers would know about a Trentino sausage, but agree with you it's probably prosciuttini, prosciutto's cheaper, meaner little brother.