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Feb 26, 2011 06:01 PM

Downtown Dallas Tunnels

What can you tell me about reasonably-priced restaurants in the downtown Dallas tunnels? Anyone have thoughts on Sushi Yaa ? Is it located under the Chase building?

I'll be spending a week in June with friends in the Plaza of the Americas area, and thought it would be fun to check out lunch in one of the tunnels. Suggestions welcomed, and also for anything yummy in the general area, as we won't want to dag our car out unless absolutely necessary. Thanks!

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  1. Steer very clear of Sushi World...after a disasterous experience I haven't been brave enough to try Sushi Yaa...we catch the trolley to uptown for the sushi fix at lunch. Stephen Pyles has a pretty nice lunch menu ($10-15), but make a reservation...I haven't been impressed at all at my two trips to Dakota's. Hopefully others will come to your rescue with other great spots. I have been working downtown for about a year and haven't found any secrets.

    1. Unfortunately, there is not much worth eating in the tunnels. Given that you will be at the Plaza of the Americas end of the tunnel system, you might want to try Treebirds in the PoA foodcourt -- they have decent gumbo, ettouffee, jambalaya, and red beand and rice. Otherwise, the tunnel is mostly mediocre chains and even less impressive sandwich shops and Chinese eateries. Sorry to disappoint.

      1. Thanks, Dallas Alice. Vstock, where are you going uptown for the sushi fix? There will be days I have time on my hands during the stay, so think I could swing the trip.

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          We have hit Yutaka Sushi a couple of times. The sushi was very good but a little on the expensive side. Good luck.

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            Thanks, vstock, we'll try it out.