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Feb 26, 2011 05:30 PM

Brooklyn food map?

I am looking for a map of Brooklyn neighbourhoods that shows where you might find concentrations of ethnic food shops/restaurants, markets etc. Does such a thing exist?

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  1. I'm not sure there's one exactly like this, but here's a site to start for mapping neighborhoods, in detail with dining spots pinpointed. Google "Brooklyn" and "[ethnic group]" and you'll find lots of stuff--texts, images, videos--on the web. Brooklyn si so complex, with overlays of ethnicities, and so many nabes change quickly, that it would be daunting to freeze the borough for very long.

    1. im having some trouble linking because the google image search i used showed an invalid return (but also the map i wanted to link to, so who knows)

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        Hey Tex: I found the source of that map-- an excellent website called Very Small Array by illustrator/cartoonist Dorothy Gambrell, Cat and Girl. It has some fantastic stats and charts, including a bunch on food in NYC (what they eat where-- maps by borough, restaurant inspection results etc).

        Genius. Thanks for the lead.

      2. The food shops and restaurants are de facto in all neighborhoods. Maybe what you want to do is see which neighborhood houses which ethnic group (Google,, and so on). Or maybe you should let us know which ethnic group you're looking for. Actually, if you can find a Lonely Planet New York City, that may help. I'd browse through the book and see if they list specific neighborhoods.

        1. Thanks folks-- the neighbourhood maps are helpful. I was thinking someone (or a magazine or a group) might have produced a general "go here for the best selection of... (type of cuisine)" map, or perhaps an eating guide to the borough with recs for restos and markets.

          I can see that it would be hard to map a moving target... perhaps it might be a wiki or shared google map project for Brooklyn folks in the know who have some time on their hands.

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          1. re: sinjawns

            I'm curious, are you looking to create and/or use the map for future endeavors? Are you heading to Brooklyn soon?

            1. re: David11238

              Hi David-- I'm planning a month long food-centred visit for later this year, and I don't know the lay of the land. I want one that I can use when I come, but would happily contribute to an ongoing project during and after my visit.

              1. re: sinjawns

                And believe you-me, that's going to be some project. Study your subway maps and be prepared to rent a Zip Car.

                1. re: David11238

         intention to see and eat it all. Just keen to take enjoy as much as I can.

          2. Try this map:
            It's not exhaustive, but I think it's a good overview.