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What to do with leftover slightly mushy plain spaghetti?

I accidentally dumped WAY too much spaghetti in the pot while making dinner tonight, and now have about 3 cups of cooked spaghetti that has gotten a bit mushy from sitting around. I hate to throw it all out. Is there anything I can make with it, other than more spaghetti with sauce?

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  1. Tetrazzini, but the mush factor might be a problem.

    1. You can fry it up in a non stick skillet heated with some olive oil; put the spaghetti in and spread it out to a single even layer...cook it for a few minutes until underside is crispy then flip it over and continue to cook until other side is crisp. Slide it onto a plate, top with sauce and/or cheese then cut into wedges & serve. You could add any number of other ingredients like veggies or meat to this before cooking.

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        So, kinda like a fried noodle cake? Is that hard to flip without it falling apart?

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          Not hard to flip if you check the bottom to be sure you don't try too early, and easier if you have a wide spatula, the kind you'd use for fish fillets. Those are really good with scallions, and I like a fried egg on top.

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            Same idea, but with egg, making an omelet (frittata di Spaghetti)

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              I second using it to make a frittata.

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              You're a lady after my own heart and leftovers. I 2nd Cherylptw's solution.

                1. You can't resurrect bad spaghetti.
                  Toss it, move on, chalk it up as a cheap lesson.
                  It would be harsh and unconscionable if you inflicted this stuff on others, again.
                  ...just my $0.02.

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                    So it wouldn't be worth using even in a fritata?

                    What do you do with left over pasta? Or you never have that?

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                      We love pasta. Leftovers are my specialty. "Mushy plain spaghetti" is not worth salvaging. It can't be improved.
                      Best to dump it and move on.

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                        Agreed. Adding insult to injury. And it's what? about 25 cents worth?

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                          it's the "mushy" that does it for me. If it were al dente and had been tossed with some oil before putting it into the fridge, it would be usable with any kind of sauce, or just tossed with a little more evoo and some grated Parm...but mushy for me just becomes a candidate for the dog or the garbage bin. (the dog votes I give it to him)

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                            Yep. I have that regularly. Makes a nice lunch or side dish for another day. But ixnay on the mushy.

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                              reading this from ss842 made me think of something.
                              nonstick pan, with olive oil, not a lot, just enough to toss the pasta in, fry it up on that one side until crisped and lightly brown, then with all the regalia of a tried and true champion flipper, flip it over. let that side brown slightly too. transfer to a cookie sheet, cause now it's round, spoon marinara sauce over top of it then lots of mozzarella and bake in the oven until the mozzo melts, take it out and cut into wedges like a pie. it's a spaghetti pizza!

                    2. use it in an omelette or frittata

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                        I'm wracking my brain tryingto figure out how to put spaghetti in an omelette. Help?

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                          Just mix beaten eggs (and some grated cheese) with the cold pasta - and then cook. We aren't talking about the fast French style of omelet that is folded around a filling. This is an Italian fritata or Spanish tortilla (potato 'filling')

                      2. Pasta is cheap, the trash can is the answer.

                        1. I feared I might come across as calous and uncaring if I offered my true opinion, but since others have come close, my best suggestion is feed it to the dog. Sorry.

                          1. Okay, to clarify: it is *slightly* mushy, ie: just past al dente. I did toss it with EVOO and put it in the fridge, so I believe it is salvageable. I just thought there might be something more interesting that I could do with it than toss it with more sauce or cheese. The frittata idea is intriguing, except that two out of three eaters in the house don't like eggs. But maybe the allure of more pasta and cheese will override the dislike of eggs.

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                              try looking for recipes for noodle cake, a sweet dessert made with too mushy pasta, usually flavored with orange peel. The EVOO would probably enhance it. I'd give you a recipe, but I've lost mine and will have to search as well. Or just make one up. I swear, I can turn anything into a dessert.

                              --Isolda, who has never met a carb she did not like

                              1. Have kids at home? They might enjoy throwing it at the wall and seeing if it sticks! Okay, maybe a bad idea. I did get into trouble in my youth when my sibblings and I found out that bologna would stick to to ceiling. Mom came home and saw all these round circles on the ceiling. We still laugh about it today.

                                I'd think about tossing it into the wok with some hot oil, add some veggies, an egg or two and some soy sauce. A cheap stir fry. Not that stir fry is expensive anyways.

                                1. For an ideal Frittata di Spaghetti, what should the texture of the pasta be, before mixing with the eggs, and when done (20 minutes later)? Any good references on the subject? Or is this mostly a home cooked dish that varies from grandma to grandma?

                                  1. Here is a recipe from Food Network for Torta di Pasta by Giada..... might be able to salvage the 'mushy leftover spaghetti'

                                    1. I'd suggest doing it up in the Hungarian style: Fry or nuke it 'til it's hot again & mix with cottage cheese, fresh ground black pepper, garlic, paprika (or smoked paprika) and a dash of hot sauce, or nutmeg if you like. Maybe some green onions too. Easy, quick & tasty.

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                                        That sounds like an awesome emergency dinner!

                                        1. Combine a jar of spaghetti sauce with a can of Manwich, heat in saucepan, chop up spaghetti then add spaghetti to saucepan, stir and heat thoroughly, and you have what my grade school cafeteria served every Friday.

                                          Good stuff. Darn good eatin'.

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                                            I just lost my appetite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            1. re: ospreycove

                                              I think I just found mine. After a 24 hour stomach whatever, this sounds a lot more appealing than the leftover beef tenderloin in the fridge.

                                          2. life is too short to eat mushy spaghetti.

                                            1. Okay, it's odd, but I find that almost everyone will eat it: Take cooked spaghetti, fry it in a very little oil in a skillet, sprinkle lightly with soy sauce and a tiny bit of sugar and stir all around. You don't want the final product to be sweet, just a nice contrast with the saltiness of the soy sauce. Add just a bit of soy at a time (I like the noodles to become a nice golden color, but not dark brown), and the same with the sugar. There should be no sauce left in the pan when it's done.

                                              I once had to cook for a batch of hungry kids, one a vegan, and this was the only thing that everyone could/would eat; they asked for seconds.

                                              1. I make pasta pizza with leftover spaghetti. I don't have a recipe cuz I just throw a bunch of stuff in there and kind of vary it by what is on hand. The trick is to make sure it is well salted because the noodles do suck up a lot of salt and this dish is hard to screw up unless you have made it too bland. I usually crack an egg in to bind it, put in cheese, grind up left over meat balls or might grind up some morning star breakfast sausage or something, some pasta sauce, I have put spinach in it, doing microwaveable frozen spinach and squeezing the water out, then mixing it in. Whatever tastes good and would yield good results. I top with some cheese and bake at 350 for like 20 mins or until it looks firm and the cheese is melted and I have started to get a little browning. It's good stuff. The slightly mushy spaghetti will dry out a bit in the oven so it would be great for this, too.