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Feb 26, 2011 04:39 PM

What to do with leftover slightly mushy plain spaghetti?

I accidentally dumped WAY too much spaghetti in the pot while making dinner tonight, and now have about 3 cups of cooked spaghetti that has gotten a bit mushy from sitting around. I hate to throw it all out. Is there anything I can make with it, other than more spaghetti with sauce?

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  1. Tetrazzini, but the mush factor might be a problem.

    1. You can fry it up in a non stick skillet heated with some olive oil; put the spaghetti in and spread it out to a single even layer...cook it for a few minutes until underside is crispy then flip it over and continue to cook until other side is crisp. Slide it onto a plate, top with sauce and/or cheese then cut into wedges & serve. You could add any number of other ingredients like veggies or meat to this before cooking.

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      1. re: Cherylptw

        So, kinda like a fried noodle cake? Is that hard to flip without it falling apart?

        1. re: Sweet Pea

          Not hard to flip if you check the bottom to be sure you don't try too early, and easier if you have a wide spatula, the kind you'd use for fish fillets. Those are really good with scallions, and I like a fried egg on top.

          1. re: Sweet Pea

            Same idea, but with egg, making an omelet (frittata di Spaghetti)

            1. re: paulj

              I second using it to make a frittata.

            2. re: Cherylptw

              You're a lady after my own heart and leftovers. I 2nd Cherylptw's solution.

                1. You can't resurrect bad spaghetti.
                  Toss it, move on, chalk it up as a cheap lesson.
                  It would be harsh and unconscionable if you inflicted this stuff on others, again.
                  ...just my $0.02.

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                  1. re: steve h.

                    So it wouldn't be worth using even in a fritata?

                    What do you do with left over pasta? Or you never have that?

                    1. re: paulj

                      We love pasta. Leftovers are my specialty. "Mushy plain spaghetti" is not worth salvaging. It can't be improved.
                      Best to dump it and move on.

                      1. re: steve h.

                        Agreed. Adding insult to injury. And it's what? about 25 cents worth?

                        1. re: c oliver

                          it's the "mushy" that does it for me. If it were al dente and had been tossed with some oil before putting it into the fridge, it would be usable with any kind of sauce, or just tossed with a little more evoo and some grated Parm...but mushy for me just becomes a candidate for the dog or the garbage bin. (the dog votes I give it to him)

                          1. re: sunshine842

                            Yep. I have that regularly. Makes a nice lunch or side dish for another day. But ixnay on the mushy.

                            1. re: sunshine842

                              reading this from ss842 made me think of something.
                              nonstick pan, with olive oil, not a lot, just enough to toss the pasta in, fry it up on that one side until crisped and lightly brown, then with all the regalia of a tried and true champion flipper, flip it over. let that side brown slightly too. transfer to a cookie sheet, cause now it's round, spoon marinara sauce over top of it then lots of mozzarella and bake in the oven until the mozzo melts, take it out and cut into wedges like a pie. it's a spaghetti pizza!