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Feb 26, 2011 04:25 PM

Farmer's Daughter

Okay, I know they just opened, but a few observations. Number one, the bar is huge, certainly much bigger than it was when it was Coleman's, with three big screen tvs.

Number two. no service from the full menu tonight, something not mentioned on their website, and when the bartender was asked, she didn't seem to know if this was something permanent or not, stating that the kitchen was just working things out. Also mentioned was the fact that there was a big banquet, but somehow I think bar and banquet should be separate.

So, ordered from the bar menu. The baked burrata cheese wasn't hot enough, so by the time I made it through the first piece of bread it was served with, it was too cold to spread on the remainder of the bread.

My husband's sliders weren't delivered to the doneness ordered. The warm soft pretzels weren't warm, and were so salty they were pretty much inedible.

I checked out the full menu, and a number of things on the website menu are missing. I know it's early, and I'll certainly give it a try again, but not an auspicious beginning.

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  1. Quite brave of you indeed! Taking one for the hounds.

    1. baked burrata... the thought of it sounds dreamy... but then not executed well, yeah not so much! thanks from me to for taking one for the chow team, I've been eyeing it up and we've been pondering whether to venture... maybe we'll give it another couple of weeks