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Feb 26, 2011 04:17 PM

Good casual Soul Food/Comfort Food/Italian Food on Sunday

We are driving down to Philadelphia next Sunday for the opening day of the Flower Show. Typically, we go get lunch at one of the Reading Terminal Market stands and that's our big meal of the day.

My wife had heard all the Oprah hype about Delilah's macaroni & cheese, but let's just say I am more of a natural skeptic (particularly when Oprah is involved) and researched it a bit. Sounds like my instinct was correct. LOL.

Anyhow, I was thinking that we could get some food after we leave the show about 5 PM or so. And if we could get some decent local soul food/comfort food worth the effort that would be great. Even some good Italian sandwiches or homemade pasta would be fine although I'm not sure how many of those establishments are open on Sunday.

However, I did some checking online and was simultaneously overwhelmed & underwhelmed. Everytime I found a place which looked interesting, and there were more than a few, the reviews were, ummmm, mixed. Also a lot of the reviews seemed rather out-of-date with respect to 2011.

Criteria --- someplace which has a counter or tables or dining room, don't want take-out as we have a longish drive home and eating in the car isn't all that practicable. Easy parking a plus, but when isn't that the case ? Casual [not fancy, no dress-up coats & ties required, not stuffy] although I suspect that would fit most any of these establishments. We're not usually drinkers, and anyhow I'll be driving, so liquor license or BYO not a factor. Price not really a concern, as long as it's reasonable value. Most important is good alacarte food in a genuinely interesting 'local' setting that we'll want to revisit on future trips....and someplace that we won't be embarassed the next day to tell those 'in the know' that we ate there (e.g., no tourist traps or ptomaine palaces or chains).

Can anyone help with suggestions ? Thanks !

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  1. My rec is Silk City Diner. It's changed hands within the last few years, so I'm not sure how the food is now, but I would bet it's still pretty solid. Nice comfort food menu (think diner, but with a twist). It's a bit of an institution around these parts, so it's a great place to try as an out of towner. They're open A LOT so I'm sure you can get dinner there on Sunday. Plus, it's quite close to the Convention center, and I've never had a problem parking within a block of there (and I assume at 5:00, you'll get a space in front). It's definitely casual, but it's a neat little place. Here's the link: Oh, and you MUST have the bread pudding!

    1. I have eaten at Delilah's and thought the whiting dinner was very good. Sides of collards & candied yams were fantastic. Yes, the Mac & cheese may or may not be your cup of tea, but for a very good soul food lunch/dinner, I think Delilah's fits the bill.

      For Italian food, try Villa di Roma at 9th & Washington Streets. Great italian food at reasonable prices! I have been traveling up from Delaware for the past 25+ years. Try their neapolitan chicken or chicken sicilian. Mussels in either red or white sauce. You'll want extra bread to mop of the sauce.

      Pippi and his wait staff are great at what they do. It's CASH ONLY and you better get there before 6:00 pm or you might wait a good 45 minutes.

      If you have time, stop by Termini Brothers for some italian pastries to go. They're a few blocks down the street and believe me, they are well worth the visit.

      Good luck and enjoy the Flower Show.

      Villa di Roma
      936 S 9th St
      Philadelphia, PA 19147
      (215) 592-1295

      Termini Brothers
      1523 South 8th Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19147

      1. If you can get a reservation, I'd try Barbuzzo on 13th Street. Or perhaps Zavino, just a couple of doors down. You can walk from the convention center and leave your car where it's parked. It's unusual for most restaurants in that area to be closed on Sunday.

        1. The mac and cheese at Khyber Pass Pub is great.

          Craig Laban just gave them a very good review in this Sunday's Inquirer.

          I have been there 4 times in the last two weeks and I really am quite the fan.

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            I was pleasantly surprised with Khyber Pass as well! I went in with a picky group and everyone left darn happy. It's now one my film group's go-to places to discuss the movie afterwards. I kept it simple with nachos and beer... will branch out on future visits.

            1. re: rabidog

              Did you notice if Khyber Pass has a TV? I am searching for gastropubs with TVs for the Big East games this weekend to appease my visiting dad.

              1. re: urbanfabric

                Yes. Khyber Pass has at least 2 tvs in the bar, but none in the dining room.

          2. Another place that might fit the bill is Percy St BBQ (9th and South Sts). The mac and cheese is pretty good (at least by my 4 year old daughter's standards).