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Feb 26, 2011 03:54 PM

Bakery / Cake near Columbia University

I'm planning a day in NYC for my friend's birthday. She went to Columbia and always talks about this bakery type place that she used to go to and get cake. Something that might be helpful in identifying it is that she said the slices were so huge she'd always go with a friend and split the piece of cake.

Please help me! I want the whole day to be a surprise and I don't want to have to ask her the name of the place!

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  1. How long ago did she graduate?

    1. That's probably not enough info to go on, NYCtripMarch. But a shot in the dark:

      - Nussbaum and Wu (IIRC, they sell slices of cake, in addition to whole cakes, but I don't see slices listed on the website)
      - Carrot Top
      - Hungarian Pastry Shop

      All three have been around a while and are popular with Columbia undergrads. Carrot Top is probably your best bet.

      Hungarian Pastry Shop
      1030 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

      Carrot Top
      5025 Broadway, New York, NY 10034

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        The only Carrot Top I know of is way up in 160s by Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, so that's probably not it - unless it used to be near CU?

        All I can think of is Hungarian Pastry Shop. It's super popular among CU students. I don't know how big cake slices are though - I never liked their baked goods. Another one I can think of is Silver Moon Bakery down on 105th, but I don't think they sell cake slices.

        But yeah, would help to know when she graduated.

        1. re: uwsister

          it's probably after the fact but I just love Silver Moon on Broadway and 105th. Everything is made from scratch and I am a professional pastry chef so I am very picky but I just love this place.

          1. re: ganache123

            Yes, Silver Moon is great! It's definitely my favorite bakery in UWS by FAR.