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Feb 26, 2011 02:54 PM

The Porch -- Two Visits

I have recently dined at The Porch on two occasions. The first time I'd tried this restaurant near my Dallas digs. I came away impressed on both occasions. Since this is a somewhat informal place, I won't do a full dish by dish review, but I thought that some might benefit from my impressions, as I have found the restaurant good enough to add it to my regular rotation.

First, the concept. Not exactly sure how to describe The Porch other than as a neighborhood bar or tavern with food that is at least a notch or two above what one expects at a bar or tavern. Sort of a nice neighborhood tavern with restaurant quality food.

Their regular menu is available on their spare, but well organized web site and should give you a good idea what is available.

In addition, they have a large "Big Board" that displays the day's specials in removable plastic letters. Sounds a bit cheesy, but it's actually better than a chalk board because it's legible and readable even with my less than perfect vision from even distant tables. And there were indeed several worthwhile special each night we were there, including a very good tuna tartar appetizer one night and a extraordinarily good rock shrimp ceviche on the next occasion. They also had a very good Neiman Ranch pork chop on the board on one visit. The only dish that we've had that wasn't top notch was a salmon burger, and it was good enough, and whether one liked it or not was somewhat a question of taste. (A bit too much dressing and fixings in relation to the very nice fried salmon croquette for my taste.


Wines are not bad, but neither will they knock your socks off. But it's a reasonably well selected list. They're making a profit on them, but profit isn't a dirty word and the mark ups are frankly quite reasonable. If I could alter the list, I'd add a few French low end French Burgundys, but that might not fit the price profile that they're looking for nor might they (God knows why) be to the clientèle's liking.

But all the dishes we had were at least good. Service was professional. It's a little lively, but not ridiculously loud. And they do indeed have a porch out front that we used one evening when the weather was seasonable.

All in all, really a decent place to get a good bite to eat at a good price.

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  1. Agree and hope it continues to thrive. I don't get over that way often, but had lunch there about this time last year.... my accountant is in the area. Although the food didn't knock my socks off, I remember it being quite good with friendly, attentive service in a most comfortable and informal setting. I will be seeing the tax lady soon, so thanks for reminding me (though I'm thinking about Sat. brunch at Toulouse)

    1. I've always thought it was a solid resto and glad to have it in the stable of Dallas restos. Sure, you can find better, but oh man, can you find worse. Great Fish and Chips!

      1. Have been to the porch 3 times and loved thing we had each time. Also the Porch is great for people watching.

        1. I agree with your recommendation. Also, in addition to wine, The Porch has very good and interesting cocktails. I prefer the drinks at The Porch to the ones at Victor Tango's across the street.

          1. I quite like Porch for lunch. I made the mistake of going for dinner once on a Friday night and NEVER AGAIN.

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              I go for late dinners on weekends and have no problem. I don't know what time you were there. But after 9:30 p.m., I've never had to wait.