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Feb 26, 2011 02:34 PM


I recently dug out my wok after about 25 years in storage and am ready to once again conquer Chinese Stir-Fry... but, I have lost all my accessories, including my chef's knife. Coming to civilization soon and need advice for a good source... Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Hey Ted, try Uwajimaya store in Seattle's Chinatown South.

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    1. re: diamond dave

      Thanks diamond dave... a friend who lived in Seattle suggested them and they were my first stop.

    2. Umpitty-ump years ago, when I lived in the area, there was a store called "Hoven's" (or something similiar) in the International District. It had everything you could imagine for Chinese cookery at rediculously low prices, sort of a Chinese "five and dime". Uwajimaya is a great source, but far more expensive. See if the other place is still there for great bargains.

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      1. re: amazinc

        Could not find anything on google... will ask around... Thanks amazinc.

        babette feasts on another posting just told me about Dong Vinh on Utah Street.

      2. Ted:

        There are 6 or so Japanese knife experts here on this board waiting for you to frame a question like: "Getting Back Into Asian cooking: Which Knife?" You will get a huge and knowledgeable response. I, myself, am less knowledgeable.

        Youir duplicate thread already sent you to Dong Vinh.

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          Good idea, kaleokahu. I took Chinese Cooking Classes in the 70's as a way to invite my dates to my house and impress them... it worked! Now I am going to be impressing my grandchildren with my stir-fry skills. I had 3 instructors, including Martin Yan, and my first was a young woman who had just arrived from Taiwan. She was using and suggested a Dexter Chef Knife as the one to get. So I did, but it has gone by the wayside in many moves. In reading around, some are saying that they are not made the same and do not hold an edge. I will follow your suggestion!

          1. re: tedinfridayharbor

            I use my Dexter cleaver at least 5 or 6 nights a week and it not only takes an edge well, it holds it. Still well balanced and weighted.
            There are those here who will claim that only some cleaver made by a fifteenth generation japanese sword-maker will do, but...for the money, and if all you want to do is cook (not satisfy some knife fetish) Dexters still rock.

            1. re: Westy

              Agree completely... got a Dexter when all was said and done. Use it everyday.

        2. In the north suburbs there are:
          HMart - near Alderwood Mall, Korean megamart
          99Ranch - California Chinese (Edmonds on Hwy 99)
          An asian restaurant supply store - just of Hwy 99 around 200th in Lynnwood
          Seattle Restaurant Supply - Hwy 99 in Shoreline

          1. For knives, check out City Kitchen. They sell more Shun knives than any other retailer in Washington state, and also have an excellent selection of other knife brands.

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