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Feb 26, 2011 01:22 PM

Great lunch at Alta

We were up in the southern Berkshires recently to get away a little from the everlasting winter here in central CT: a trip to the outlets in Lee, overnight at the Red Lion, a vist to the Norman Rockwell museum. We selected Alta for lunch. It was a great selection! Alta bills itself as a wine bar and it does have a nice selection of wines by the glass. Since it was lunch, I didn't pay much attention to the list of bottles. While I pretty much know what I want when I walk into a restaurant - it needed to moo in a former life - my wife is much more adventurous. We split a mesclan salad with a balsamic vingrette, it was perfectly balanced and delicious. I had a medium rare burger with cheddar and bacon and hand cut fries. Excellent, right up there with my burger benchmark, Apricots in Farmington CT. I'd say it was about 6 oz (perfect in my book) with a good brioche roll which held up to the task. The fries were the best I've had in a long time. A crunchy crust and hearty, cooked potato interior. They appeared overdone but were not. Delicious. My wife had one of the specials, the salmon stew. On that cold, raw Friday in the rain and snow in Lenox, it was an outstanding comfort food.--

Alta Restaurants & Wine Bar
34 Church St, Lenox, MA 01240

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  1. Yes, Alta --- unlike so many Berkshire restaurants --- is not only good, but CONSISTENTLY good. It's our go-to place, and never disappoints.
    You mention their super fries --- but not their most distinctive feature --- they are mixed sweet potato fries and regular fries, giving the best of both worlds! Alta is also excellent at dinner, although the menu is rather different.
    But what endears it most to us in the end isn't the excellent food, but the careful, attentive service. Never overbearing, but always caring (hmmmm, a slogan?): we always feel good at Alta, and cared for. The owner is discreetly paying attention to every detail. In summer it can get a little crazy because it's small, and deservedly popular. For the full experience, go a little early is my suggestion.
    But go!

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      I wasn't served sweet potato fries, thankfully, because I hate them. Looking for an excuse to go back, though.