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Feb 26, 2011 01:15 PM

white miso

Would someone please tell me where I can find white miso in the Lexington area, or surroundings?

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  1. Try Whole Foods or a health store. Since you haven't said what state you are even in , I tried to think of generally food sorta stores that usually carry it.

    1. The Fresh Pond Whole Foods is a pretty reliable source. They carry two brands, Miso Master (in a tub) and South River (?), in a jar. The Miso Master is smoother, the South River is chunkier. There are even two kinds of Miso Master white miso, sweet (less salty) and mellow.

      1. I really like South River, although I haven't tried the white miso yet. You could contact them to see if there is any place closer than Fresh Pond that carries their product. They are a small, Massachusetts based company.

        I've purchased that brand at Whole Foods, and others at Asian grocery stores. Hopefully someone more familiar w/your area will chime in.

        1. H-Mart Burlington carries a wide variety of Miso, red and white, organic, low sodium & etc.

          3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803