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Feb 26, 2011 12:47 PM

Gabrielle Hamilton book-signing/dinner at Camino 3/11/11

Gabrielle Hamilton's my favorite chef-writer, and one of my favorite writers, period, so when I found out Camino's hosting a book-signing/dinner for her, I completely freaked out.

It's $100 before tax and tip, for hors d'oevres, cocktail, 3 courses, and wine - when you purchase the ticket, they'll add in tax and 18% service, so it's $125.25 (more expensive than an average meal at Camino). The communal seats lend themselves well to large groups, so you can ask to be seated with friends, if you're buying tickets at different times. There aren't any details available about the menu yet, but I think it'll be safe to guess it's not going to be vegetarian-friendly. I can see her refined/rustic, heavily French-influenced style adapting really well to Camino's kitchen and am keeping my fingers crossed for big marrow bones roasted in the fire.

Food News and Media thread on "Blood, Bones and Butter":

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