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Feb 26, 2011 11:08 AM

Ambler Donut Company???!!

I just saw a sign that the new buiding being constructed at the corner of Butler and Bethlehem will be ambler Donut Company. Does anyone know anything about this? I really think I died and went to heaven.... we're getting a brewpub, a BBQ joint, and now a donut shop! Very exciting!!!

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    1. I heard that the donut shop/bakery may also have a sandwich shop component. Also heard that there will be apts. on the top floor.
      Where is the brewpub and BBQ joint opening???

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        The brewpub is called Forest and Main and will be on Main Street (at the corner of Forest and Main). It's where the Flour Pot used to be. The BBQ place is Rosey's (same as the one in Jenkintown) and is just a block or so up on Main Street.

      2. Thanks for the info, AmblerGirl. I know you are always on top of what's happening in Ambler and the area. Looking forward to their openings.
        Ate at the newly opened Everest Grill in Broad Axe last night. Food, ambiance and service were very good. It will give Ambler's Saffron a run for it's money.

        1. Great news! Please let us know when it's open and I'll drive back from Phoenixville (where I live now) to try them!! We do have the famous Kimberton Fire Company donuts, freshly made, but it's only once a month, so the idea of a great donut place DAILY is wonderful.

          1. The Ambler Donut Company is scheduled to open in April. It will occupy only one half of the first floor, the space is small so it will be take out service only (and a drive thru). It's not a full scale bakery as I had initially heard, just donuts, bagels, muffins, coffee and tea to start. The space next to it is available for lease and there will be apartments on the second floor. I personally would love a smoothie place to be Ambler Donuts neighbor, like Jamba Juice or Bryn and Dane's! I'm thrilled about all the action in Ambler!

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              I hope the donuts are good! That would be exciting! Hey, speaking of donuts, where are there really good ones?

                1. re: Sauerkrautman

                  Frangellis in South Philly on Ritner Street are teh best donuts I have found. Normally I prefer cake to yeast but their yeast ones are quite crispy. They stuff the jelly and cream donuts to order. They also do that at a bakery in Oreland named Mindy's.