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Ambler Donut Company???!!

I just saw a sign that the new buiding being constructed at the corner of Butler and Bethlehem will be ambler Donut Company. Does anyone know anything about this? I really think I died and went to heaven.... we're getting a brewpub, a BBQ joint, and now a donut shop! Very exciting!!!

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    1. I heard that the donut shop/bakery may also have a sandwich shop component. Also heard that there will be apts. on the top floor.
      Where is the brewpub and BBQ joint opening???

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        The brewpub is called Forest and Main and will be on Main Street (at the corner of Forest and Main). It's where the Flour Pot used to be. The BBQ place is Rosey's (same as the one in Jenkintown) and is just a block or so up on Main Street.

      2. Thanks for the info, AmblerGirl. I know you are always on top of what's happening in Ambler and the area. Looking forward to their openings.
        Ate at the newly opened Everest Grill in Broad Axe last night. Food, ambiance and service were very good. It will give Ambler's Saffron a run for it's money.

        1. Great news! Please let us know when it's open and I'll drive back from Phoenixville (where I live now) to try them!! We do have the famous Kimberton Fire Company donuts, freshly made, but it's only once a month, so the idea of a great donut place DAILY is wonderful.

          1. The Ambler Donut Company is scheduled to open in April. It will occupy only one half of the first floor, the space is small so it will be take out service only (and a drive thru). It's not a full scale bakery as I had initially heard, just donuts, bagels, muffins, coffee and tea to start. The space next to it is available for lease and there will be apartments on the second floor. I personally would love a smoothie place to be Ambler Donuts neighbor, like Jamba Juice or Bryn and Dane's! I'm thrilled about all the action in Ambler!

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              I hope the donuts are good! That would be exciting! Hey, speaking of donuts, where are there really good ones?

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                  Frangellis in South Philly on Ritner Street are teh best donuts I have found. Normally I prefer cake to yeast but their yeast ones are quite crispy. They stuff the jelly and cream donuts to order. They also do that at a bakery in Oreland named Mindy's.

              1. Ambler Donuts is now open! They opened up just yesterday. The donuts are amazing.

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                  I tried them too, delicious! I loved the red velvet and Bavarian creme, apparently the blueberry pie is amazing but they were already out of it when I got there, good sign!

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                    I saw your article but didn't want to post it encase somebody thought it was spamming. Well I am not you so here it is everyone! http://montcoresource.com/2011/06/13/...

                    I had the blueberry pie one. It has blueberry insides, vanilla frosting and some crumb(or sugar) topping. Very good.

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                      Thanks :) I am anxious to try the BB Pie!

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                    I am so stoked. Thanks for the update!

                  3. I just stopped by Ambler Donut Co and ordered a half dozen. Its a teeny tiny take out. Fabulous young staff, who were very excited about donuts! I learned all the donuts are made on site. The glazed were fresh out of the oven and I scarfed that up before I walked out the door... and it was so good that I could not resist and ate a chocolate cream the minute I got home. This is the first time in years that I ate a real donut, I've been eating dunkin donuts for so many years I think I forgot what a real donut tastes like. They were amazing. The only problem ithat we arrive at 11 am and they were already sold out of a ton of flavors. I am dying to try the red velvet and blueberry pie...

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                        Do not know when they close... but they open at 5 am on Weekdays, and 6am on weekends.

                        Here is an article on them in local press as well as pictures of some "lo-cal" doughnuts.


                    1. I tried a half-dozen over the weekend, some varieties were good, others not. The texture of the cake donuts is very good, the white cream one was one of my favorites, and the dutch crumb one was very good too. The yeasted ones were an improvement over DD but not as good as the cake ones. My only real disappointments were the chocolate varieties (both chocolate cake and chocolate frosting), they all had that fake chocolate flavor you get at DD. They were out of several flavors I wanted to try, but I can't really fault them for that, they've only been open a week.

                      I also noticed that the layout of the place is not great: from the counter, you can't see all the donuts, the donut shelves are angled away from the customer. So it's impossible to tell if they're out of something without asking.

                      1. Thanks to a friend who travels that way; I was the recipient of a mixed half dozen of Ambler donuts. I do have a bias toward cake donuts which somewhat taints my comments. As noted by Bucket ,I found all to be considerably better than DD, thank god. The coconut and dutch cake donuts were very good, tasty with wonderful texture cake. I did also sample the Blueberry and Lemon yeast donuts. Both very good but when expending calories I would always choose cake donuts. It would be additionally wonderful if their coffee was above the average cup of java. Love donuts? You may find Ambler Donuts is certainly worth a visit.

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                          thanks bachhus.....will head over there and give them a try and let you know about the coffee!!!
                          BTW.....would LOVE to have a friend that surprises me with half dozen doughnuts!!!!!

                        2. I tried the blueberry pie (yeast) which was awesome and the sour cream (cake) which was too soft. They seem to do better on the yeast donuts than the cake. Normally I am a cake donut guy so I was surprised that I liked the blueberry pie one so much but I scarfed it down pretty quickly.

                          Agree with other people about the odd layout inside. It's tough to see what they have. They have a pretty good location to catch morning commuters.

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                            I agree the bluebery pie is great! If you like cake donuts you should try the red valvet, it has cream cheese icing. So good!

                          2. What happened? Late in the day, bad batch, high expectations not met? Who knows? All I can say is; what a difference from the first experience. Because of late day, I suppose, there was little selection. The three I ddi get were Red Velvet, Sour Cream and Cinnamon. All were considerable smaller than my opening week selections. It was almost impossible to distinguish the cinnamon from the sour cream, both were small and relatively hard. The Red Velvet was also almost tasteless, except for the multi-colored icing. Blind folded it would have been difficult to tell one from the other. Surprised and disappointed but willing to chalk it up to a bad day , bad timing or bad batchs. Here is hoping it all evens out as they gain more experience. Based on this last visit I must say I HAVE had better at DD. Damn shame!

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                              We visited for our first time yesterday afternoon, and I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with the red velvet- your post confirms that my non-wowed-ness is not isolated. I found it to just taste like fried with sweet icing - no cocoa or cream cheese to be found anywhere. The large yeast donuts were quite good, and I like that they do filled ring doughnuts, so I'll hope it was just an off day for that one.

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                                Wow...sorry to hear this...only back in the area about every two weeks and was looking forward to trying this place. My fav before was Flourtown Bakery's cinnamon cake donuts which are wonderful and REAL...unlike the DD right down the road. Guess I will stick with the Kimberton Fire Company donuts (plain, powdered and cinnamon, all cake variety) which the volunteers make once a month. You put in your order and pick them up the next day...incredible. They are also sold at the Kimberton Fair, if anyone is out this way in Chester County, starting on July 25th...fresh out of the deep fat fryer! Incredible!

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                                  gardens....thanks for the tip on Kimberton Fire Co.,a bit of a trip but must give it a try based on your comments. Regarding Ambler Donuts, as mentioned, we had much better product on our first visit. So perhaps just a one off. If you try them lets us know! THANKS.

                              2. Can anyone compare the donuts with Suzy Jo's in Blue Bell?
                                For those who mentioned DD....Please tell me you don't really eat Dunkin' Donuts....?!

                                1. We tried Ambler Donut Company for the first time. Not impressed. The red velvet donut was very dry. The Boston Creme was okay (nice size, decent flavors). No compelling reason to go back. Dunkin Donuts on a good day is better. For choices local to me, I'll stick with Suzy-Jo in Blue Bell or splurge for Alice Bakery in North Wales (for sweets other than donuts - sticky buns, cupcakes, croissants).

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                                    we went to Ambler Donut Company for the second time over the weekend. the donuts are smaller, most of the choices were sold out, in fact the shelves were pretty empty. and the donuts were got had less filling and the donuts were drier. dunking donuts across the street looking good in comparison. Suzy Jo or Alices starting to look much better.

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                                      I had made my decision regarding Ambler Donut Co. after my second visit. Small, dry, no taste, discs of calories. Yes, of course Alice's is a significant step up in quality and price; but not a donut. Just had my first Suzy Jo. It was a moist, fresh, tasty coconut donut; very good indeed.

                                  2. so sad, Ambler Donut started off on the highest pinnacle and now Entemann's donuts taste better

                                    1. Ambler Donut Company just expanded to offering cupcakes and donut holes!!! I tried a red velvet and it was quite good, nice soft texture with cream cheese icing. Prices were reasonable - $1.89 for a GIANT cupcake, $1.29 for a smaller/regular size version, $6.99 for a dozen. Not sure of the prices for the holes.

                                      I know some are concerned the quality has gone down. I have spoken to the owner/manager a few times and I think they are really trying here and are excited about their donuts. They moved around the interior to the space flows better, and added some new flavors. I tried a french toast donut and it was quite good. I have to give them props for having creative flavors and experimenting.. french toast, blueberry pie, red velvet...

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                                        I was so dismayed at the recent postings about the decline in quality of Ambler Donuts because they were amazing when they first opened. I got a dozen this morning and I am happy to report that they were as good as they were early this summer. They rearranged the interior so that the donuts are displayed directly in front of the counter so it's easier to see them. They have some new varieties that are excellent including the french toast that AmblerGirl mentioned and a blueberry pancake donut that is similar to the blueberry pie but with a maple icing. I'm a purist at heart so the glazed is still my favorite.

                                      2. The “Mister” has the opportunity to work in Spring House every couple of weeks. Apparently the French Toast Donut from Ambler Donut are all the buzz where he works in SH.
                                        Sadly, living in the Montgomeryville/Lansdale area and working in the KOP area isn’t conducive to my swinging by and grabbing a dozen to bring to work.

                                        *sigh, probably a good thing for my waistline… bad thing for my tastebuds
                                        (ther’s always weekends though)

                                        Anyone want to comment/compare them to Yum/Yum donuts? Is it worth the drive on a Sunday Morning when Yum Yum is so close by?

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                                          I've only had donuts once from each place but I found Yum Yum to be just barely a notch above Dunkin. Ambler Donuts was much better.

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                                            Not a fan of Ambler Donuts. I did have Suzy Jo"s(Center Square) only twice both times they were excellent. I could not pass up the inviting coconut donuts at Wegman's one day and found them very good. Much better than the same thing at Amber. One man's opinion.

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                                              The hthing I like about Ambler Donuts is that thy experiment with flavors so there is always something new to try. The French toast donut is a good example. Also they have red velvet, blueberry pie, peanut butter cup, pumpkin pie, all fun flavors. They also have good cupcakes. But if you are a cream donut fan, I think YumYum has the best cream donut, better than Ambler Donuts.

                                              1. re: AmblerGirl

                                                brought a few dozen to my work recently & co-workers went crazy, several emailing me & asking "where did I get those donuts?"

                                                I think they're quite good, for donuts (not my thing usually)

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                                                  LOVE Ambler Donuts. I agree, AmblerGirl, . . . they are making a great effort for a new business venture. I love the blueberry pie--def. my favorite. I have also been pleased with their coffee, which is offered just ask you like it (for me, Splenda with whole milk and a splash of vanilla). The services has always been quite pleasant.