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Feb 26, 2011 10:42 AM

Need some upscale/fine dining Asian restaurant recommendations


My husband wants to take me out to dinner for my 24th birthday. He wants it to be a nice restaurant with an upscale atmosphere, romantic if possible. I'd like it to be great food, authentic enough. I love spring rolls, sesame chicken, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese. I'm not big on sushi or Japanese at all. We would like to make an evening out of it, you know, get dressed up and such. This is a far fetched request, but is anyone familiar with the Asia Kitchen in San Antonio on Loop 410, it is Thai style cuisine. If so, is there any place in Dallas similar to that? I am open to suggestions and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  1. Tei An is very romantic and with the weather perking up the rooftop is lovely for after dinner cocktails. Ordering omakase is luxurious and surprising. Also Five Sixty is Asian influenced and obviously it's a cool place atop the tower. Love the duck.

    1. The closest you'd get all for most of those aspects is Bambu (especially for quality of food), but you'd sacrifice the upscale aspect and there's not much else for nightlife. They've got nicer digs compared to a lot of Thai restaurants in the area. Otherwise Five Sixty is good or you might wanna look at Japanese places. Tei An would be a real good bet, or maybe Yutaka or Nobu - these 3 restaurants would also put you in good proximity of bars or other post dinner activities.

      Nobu Restaurant
      Hotel Crescent Court, 400 Crescent Court, Dallas, TX 75201

      1930 N Coit Rd #100, Richardson, TX 75080

      1. Yao Fuzi in Plano. Best Chinese food in Dallas.

        1. As far as Dallas proper, I think you are going to have a hard time finding a "upscale" Asian restaurant that doesn't at least have some type of Japanese influence. The ones that come to mind for me are Steel, Nobu, Yutaka/Saraku, Tei An, Shinsei, Kenichi, etc. There only places I can think of are Abacus (more on the French American side of the fusion rather than Asian) and Five Sixty.

          For asian/non Japanese places that still aren't cheap but what I wouldn't call upscale, try that new place in West Village called Malai (haven't been) or The Mint (thai fusion).
          Fact of that matter is; if it is Asian, not Japanese and you want it to be good, you probably want to go somewhere that isn't "upscale"

          Shinsei Restaurant
          7713 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX 75209

          Nobu Restaurant
          Hotel Crescent Court, 400 Crescent Court, Dallas, TX 75201

          1. Are you more concerned with how a place looks, service and price of dishes or more about how the dishes taste?

            I understand it is a b-day but I usually go based on the food not necessarily the atmosphere. I can wear dressy clothes and then go out afterwards.

            Are you looking for Dallas proper only? Willing to drive?

            The more authentic the places get the less likely they are to focus on the digs of the place. As on Top Chef, most chefs dread front of house and decorating.

            When you say spring rolls are you referencing the fresh spring rolls with rice paper (goi cuon) or fried spring rolls?

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            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Personally, I am huge on Chinese food and sorta picky when it comes to it, so I'd rather have great tasting food. It's my husband who wants the atmosphere. Now I don't mean too authentic where I can't recognize anything on the menu, but I don't want it to be over Americanized. Out of the mentioned places so far, with the info and reviews we could find on them online, it looks like Yao Fuzi is winning, menu has lots of recognizable things that have been tasted and good elsewhere, atmosphere seems nice enough. But that's just based off of info online. Unfortunately I mean fried spring rolls. The area can be anywhere in DFW pretty much, we live right below the OK/TX border so will be driving down to wherever we choose as is. We are very unfamiliar with the DFW area so I decided to ask here. The areas we have traveled to before for quick one day shopping trips/ acupuncture trips are Mckinney, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Allen and Dallas. Thanks for the help!

              1. re: ShekinahLove

                If you want great Chinese food, go to First Chinese BBQ. I like the original one that is in Richardson (greenville and beltline...kinda). Best bbq pork/roast pork/roast duck in the metroplex. Salt and pepper tofu, lemongrass porkchops, and hotpots aren't bad either.

                You won't quite get the atmosphere though, but the place is clean and the food is excellent.

                First Chinese BBQ
                111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX 75081

                1. re: cinquiemepeche

                  Agreed. I know most here will say that First Chinese BBQ in Richardson is really quite good. Yao has some fine points as well. I stick with my previous recs and think it would fit the bill. But Yao has XLB (soup dumplings) that are very good for the area.

                  First Chinese BBQ
                  111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX 75081

                2. re: ShekinahLove

                  Thanks for clearing all that up for us it really does make it better for us to hear most of the details so we can give you better options. You will probably just want to stay in the Richardson and Plano areas since the Chinese food in Dallas proper is almost non-existent.

                  First Chinese BBQ in Plano probably has better atmosphere, better service and the same quality of food as the original Richardson location.

                  Either way FCBBQ or Yoa Fuzi you could easily head up to Legacy and the Dallas North Tollway area for your nightlife.

                  For two Yoa Fuzi can get pricey and you probably won't get to try as many dishes as say FCBBQ. With the long drive and the gas prices I would save my money for the drinks, especially in Legacy, as they can get expensive here in Dallas. Below are some recommendations that I consistently go back for at FCBBQ.

                  The Water Spinach with garlic is just like spinach and garlic but it is pretty pricey. Maybe Chinese Broccoli and Chinese Black Mushrooms would be a good substitute. I hate straw mushrooms because they are almost always canned and awful so this is why I specify. I personally love water spinach but for roughly $9 a plate is runs a bit high for a veggie.

                  Crispy Shrimp
                  Lemongrass Porkchop (Not on the Menu)
                  Fish Filet (Cod) Steamed w/Tofu and Ginger – I added the ginger
                  Crispy Tofu (Usually on the Menu in Chinese) - ask the waiter
                  BBQ Duck or Pork with the Salty Ginger Dipping Sauce - duck can be rich so maybe a combo plate
                  BBQ Pork Crispy Noodle
                  Beef with Mustard Green

                  If you were with a group and you got all of these dishes I would say the price would hover at right around $80 for all of the dishes listed above. You will be doing good to finish three dishes between 2 people as they are served family style with a large side of rice.

                  Here are some pictures of FCBBQ:

         - Richardson mostly of food

                  Interior of Plano when it is packed -

                  If you plan on spending a good day here in Dallas and you are coming on a Saturday I would highly suggest coming down Hwy 75 through McKinney and stopping at the McKinney Farmers Market


                  The shortly after at 11am you can hit up the Franconia Brewery Tour for $5 and pretty much all you can drink (free for the beer). I believe printed logo pint glasses might be $5-$8. If you are into quality German style beers then this a very good brewery to visit


                  First Chinese BBQ
                  111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX 75081

                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    What does the Lemongrass Pork Chop come with other than rice?

                    Every time I go to FCBBQ I swear I'm going to get something different but I'm hooked on the BBQ Pork and Wonton Noodle Soup and the BBQ Pork and Marinated Chicken. Their Chinese Broccoli with Oyster sauce is also very good.

                    1. re: Scagnetti

                      It doesn't come with anything else....just like the other meat dishes you will need to order a veg.

                      All the dishes you list above are very good dishes also.

                    2. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      I get a lot of those dishes regularly and I'd also add:
                      Besides water spinach w/garlic, you can also ask for sauteed snow-pea leaves (pretty sure this is off-menu)
                      Steamed Chinese broccoli
                      Shrimp wonton soup
                      Roast duck, roast pork and pork BBQ combo platter (the "three combo platter")
                      Four treasures with garlic sauce
                      HK Style spicy seafood combo (my favorite dish there. Was previously off-menu/on white board but I was told they recently added to the menu since a lot of people love it. There are two versions - make sure you tell them spicy!)

                      Specifically talking about this section of the menu: