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Feb 26, 2011 08:32 AM

Green non-stick cookware or something to use for eggs? Help!

I need some suggestions for pans to use with eggs. I have birds, so I can't use Teflon around them. I donated my old non-stick to my sister for her apartment and received a set of Cuisinart Green Gourmet for my shower back in April or May. I've been using the small pan every day since for eggs and it is no longer non-stick! I'm going to call Cuisinart because it should still be under warranty, but I'd like something else that will stay non-stick.

So any suggestions for another brand of no chemical non-stick pan would be great. Or would enameled cast iron be good? I have access to a Williams Sonoma and Le Creuset outlet... I do own a small Lodge cast iron pan but it's not seasoned enough yet to be good for eggs....

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I recently bought two Bialetti Ceramica Aeturnum and I have never been so enamoured of a frying pan in 40 years of cooking. White ceramic with a red exterior. Both interior and exterior are non-stick. Comfy silicone handle. You can fry/scramble eggs with no fat. Absolutely none.

    1. Swiss Diamond and Chantal Copper Fusion would be good choices.

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        Swiss Diamond pans use PTFE (Teflon) in their nonstick coating, despite their deceptive advertising. From their website:

        >Is Swiss Diamond using DuPont™ Teflon® non-stick coatings?

        >NO! Swiss Diamond is not using DuPont™Teflon® non-stick coatings. Teflon® is a trademark of DuPont and describes a big range of products that answer the needs of many industries, to learn more about it, please check the web site: Our unique coating composition is manufactured by us, and without any components from DuPont. Teflon® and PTFE are not the same. In the following paragraphs we explain more about PTFE.

        >Do Swiss Diamond products contain “PTFE”?

        >YES! PTFE is the component that gives non-stick properties to the surface of the cookware and many other consumers’ products. Our patented inherent slippery coating is reinforced with Diamond Crystals which are amalgamated into a nano-composite (mixture of extremely thin particles). Thus it requires lower quantity of PTFE, much lower than most of other non-stick products.

        From Wikipedia:

        >In chemistry, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that finds numerous applications. PTFE is most well known by the DuPont brand name Teflon.

        So their "NO Teflon" claim is technically true, since they don't use Teflon-brand PTFE from DuPont. However, I'm sure the non-Teflon PTFE they use will kill your birds just like Teflon-brand PTFE.

        I personally don't have anything against Teflon/PTFE, and I am very happy with my Swiss Diamond square casserole. However, I don't care for Swiss Diamond's deceptive advertising, which I can only assume is intentional.

      2. Do websites for bird owners suggest alternatives? Might be another place to query.

        1. dainish: "I'd like something else that will stay non-stick."

          Your best bet: a classic Griswold cast iton skillet or frypan (no longer made) off eBay or Craigs List.

          Your next best bet: (currently out of stock)

          1. I'd recommend a Silit Silargan ceramic-coated stainless steel frying pan. Not as nonstick as Teflon, but eggs will slide around in the pan with a bit of butter. Kind of pricey, but totally indestructible.