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Feb 26, 2011 07:50 AM

Dinner in Paris on a Sunday night...

I and 3 other friends are completing a charity cycle ride from London to Paris, next Sunday 6th March. We will be pretty wrecked but want to make sure we have a decent feed to make the most of our time there. I'm in Paris regularly for work but not on a Sunday so not quite sure what is open and likely to be available just a week away. What we need is a table for 6 at 8pm ish which does good hearty French food with a budget of €30 - 35 (exc drinks). We're staying in the opera district so something nice and central would be great. Something such as a Bib Gourmand restaurant would be very good but as I say not sure what is open etc...

Thank you all for your assistance!!


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  1. Cafe des Musees in the Marais (metro Chemin Vert, St. Paul). Nothing 'she she', just good food at honest prices. Be sure to have the tarte au pommes (for dessert) if they have it that night!

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      I would like to give Cafe des Musees a hearty recommendation. We arrived at 10:25 on a Sunday evening, concerned that we had chosen the worst day and time of the week to be in need of food. We ordered a smoked salmon starter and the escargot and mushroom starter. I also ordered the vegetable cocotte. Everything was delicious. The flavors were subtle, buttery, and well rounded.

      Thanks, foodiedanielle!

    2. Chez Flottes, on rue Cambon, is a brasserie with decent food and is a reasonable walk from the Opera area. Try the Conft de Canard which is served with Aligot. If you want to be really informal, get a table in the bar area.