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Feb 26, 2011 07:21 AM

Some reasonable ideas, please...

I know Temple's not a hotspot for good food, but I'm hoping someone might have an idea or two for me. Wednesday night, arriving on campus ~4/4:30pm, concert starts on campus at 7pm. I'm taking my daughter, son and his g/f to dinner. Son and I are relatively adventurous, the two girls not so much.

Then, at the end of March, I'm taking same group and possibly a few more for dinner after a concert at Kimmel. I don't mind dropping some cash if needed, but wouldn't mind uncovering some gems for the kids that they can return to with more limited budgets.

Any ideas?

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  1. I'm not familiar with the Temple area, but Osteria (600 block of Broad St?) fits the description of a gem, easily reached by car, with ample parking on the street. Food for the adventurous and non-adventurous. Can also be enjoyed by those on limited budgets, by sticking to pizzas and desserts...

    Great Vibe. And, I suspect early eating on a Wed night would be no problem for them, nor would getting out on time. Gourmet Italian; don't miss the budino dessert.

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      Osteria's closer to Temple than most restaurants, so if you're driving, that might make sense. I assume that they have some sort of parking service. (Unless you don't leave stuff in the car, at all, I wouldn't park on the street near Osteria - nor by Temple for that matter. While I think that the dangers of North Philly are overrated, both Osteria's clientele and Temple's student body provide all-too-tempting targets).
      If you're not driving, Osteria's still pretty far to walk, and it's easy enough to eat downtown as long as you're not too far from Broad St., and then take the Broad St. Line up (or a cab from anywhere downtown, for that matter).
      I also really like the Vietnamese food truck on campus, on Montgomery near 13th. Don't know when they close. Entrees at less than $5!

      For the Kimmel center, you're right in the middle of downtown, so most of the center city options are a short walking distance.

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        For Kimmel with a larger crowd you might consider places like El Vez (higher end mexican, Good Dog (gastro pub). Zavino is a great pizza and wine bar in the same neighbor hood but a bit difficult with a larger group, and if I remember correctly they do not take reservations.

        Modo Mio might be an option if you are driving from Temple.. BYO fantastic italian food..

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          I've parked many, many times on the street near Osteria without any problems. It is pretty easy parking, and is the only really good restaurant near Temple.

          If you want to stay on campus, your options are pretty limited. On the block of Broad below Cecil B. Moore, there are several eateries, none with table service, but with decent food. There's a Qdoba, a Korean place called Koja Grill, and a sandwich place called Noshery. Many of the trucks close down in the evening. I'm not usually there then, so I can't tell you which are open. A little further down Broad is the Fresh Grocer, which has some decent prepared foods, though you have to take them elsewhere to eat.

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          Re the parking: we have a nice car; park near Osteria on the street without any concerns. Of course you wouldn't want to leave luggage/clothing/valuables showing, but that's just common sense.

        3. A friend was telling me the other night of a recent dinner she had and loved at Max Brenner's, which is just "Behind" the Kimmel Center. I would love to go there just for dessert - that place is all about the chocolate.

          1. Tiffin for Indian food at 7th & Girard. Campus 5 minutes away.

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              We park near Osteria all the time with no problems -- except some times we have to park on a side street. But we've never had a problem or felt scared -- and we're quite old. Of course, you can take a bus on Broad Street from Temple. There are zillions of restaurants within walking distance of the Kimmel Center -- many of them quite reasonable.

            2. Thanks, everyone! I think we'll probably give Osteria a try this time. Parking isn't a problem as I take SEPTA down from Trenton, and since he lives right by a Broad St Line stop, it'll all be quite easy.

              But keep otehr ideas coming if you have them - more than happy to try other places as time allows and when we're not time constrained.

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                Another option, slightly further than Osteria is Sazon - a venezualan restuarant at Spring Garden St and 10th. Affordable, BYOB, great owners and a great place to have a fun night for a little money. Parking not usually an issue but accessible by public transit too!