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Feb 26, 2011 07:20 AM

Bel Cibo, 3610 Dufferin s of Wilson

Has anyone tried Bel CIbo yet?

Wondering how it compares to its predecessor Trezzano.

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  1. Trezzano was my 'goto' for meatball sandwiches. I haven't tried the replacement business because I think I'll be disappointed. I hope to hear something good soon before I have to visit.

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    1. re: nastyman

      I've posted several times about Trezzano. I was really disappointed when it closed and had high hopes for the new place. I've tried Bel Cibo twice but, alas, it's been disappointing. It's a similar product, but maybe without the 'homey' Italian feeling. The food is pretty good, but I think lacks the love.
      A visit to Trezzano was like having Ma's cooking, but the woman serving at Bel Cibo referred to the cook as 'The Chef'. Hmmmm.

      1. re: Yongeman

        Thanks for your comments, nastyman & Yongeman.

        Too bad Bel Cibo lacks the love, but I'm glad to hear at least it's a similar product & that the food is pretty good. Sounds like it's still probably one of the better bets for food near Yorkdale.