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Feb 26, 2011 07:15 AM

Carlo's Pizza on Tuckahoe Rd/Central Ave, Yonkers

Carlo's has been around for ever, I didn't care for it when I went to RHS across the street 30 years ago, but it had, and still has, staunch fans. I never understood why. I went for the first time in decades the other day and got a sausage pie. Terrible. Boring flavor, lousy crust, and just dripping grease. How has this place stayed in business for 35 years? Is the food so much better than the pizza? I looked around for a few minutes as I waited for my pie and the place was packed on a weeknight, but the food didn't look or smell that great.

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  1. PIzza Hut and Domino's also have a following. Doesn't make them good!

    1. The food is good-to-great, depending on what you get. We're rarely disappointed, particularly with the nightly specials. Never had the pizza there. Love the Italian wedding soup, the braciole with the homemade rigatoni, the sausage and broccoli rabe ravioli, the rice balls, the stuffed chicken, anything with fregola, etc. Even their spaghetti and meatballs is pretty good, as are their parms.

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        i would like to review it but unfortunately the reservation we made for 8 people on a saturday night was lost .In addition to that they couldnt accomodate us even though it was there mistake.If i was starving to death i would not step foot in that rude restaurant again.I should mention that four of our 8 person party was over 80 so not exactly easy to get them someplace else