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Feb 26, 2011 06:32 AM

A good Hungarian restaurant in Montreal?


In the 80's, I used to go to this excellent Hungarian restaurant on St-Laurent street (near Sherbrooke Strt). It was on the second floor and I think the name was Csárda (which is a kind of Inn in Hungary?).

I really miss those dishes they use to serve us (also the prices!) , in example chicken paprika, goulash, and especially the Hungarian Mixed Grill they served was fabulous!

Any other Hungarian restaurant like this in Montreal (or surrounding)?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations!


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  1. I can tell you that Café Rococo - if it's still there (can someone confirm?) is simply OK - for my taste, anyway, others may disagree. Also a bit expensive for what it is. My mom liked it, but I was underwhelmed. Just a heads-up because I don't think there are too many Hungarian places in town to choose from.

    1650 Lincoln - downtown

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      I go to the Hungarian Church in TMR for Hungarian food
      But they only have this sale a few times a year,but the food is great there

    2. You could try Stash cafe in Old Montreal. It's been a long time since I've been back, but it was a lunch standby for me when I worked in that part of town.

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        SpellMan, Stash Café is a Polish restaurant. The two cuisines share some common ideas, but are quite different. I am of Polish AND Hungarian descent. If I told my Polish babcia that Polish food was like Hungarian, she would stab me with a Kielbasa! Same for my Hungarian nagyanyó :)

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          You are correct sir. It has indeed been a long time. So long that I forgot that it is Polish. Apologies.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I'm also Hungarian, and my mother used to own her own Hungarian restaurant in NYC, so I know a bit about "good" Hungarian food, and as another poster stated, Rococco is really average. They don't offer any "frissen sult" (friend items that need to be made to order) and only have items on the menu that they can prepare in advance and then reheat in the micro when needed. I haven't been in about 3 yrs, but before that, I tried them several times "hoping"...their duck was horrifically dry, the rest of the food nothing to write home about. They are pricey and not worth it. I wasn't here in the early days of Montreal when the town abounded with good choices for Hungarian food, and am sad that there is no alternative :( Mom hasn't taken the bait yet to open her own resto here, so alas, crossing fingers that someone will one day! :)

          1. OMG! I remember that restaurant so much (the food, the coat check area, the kitchen and even the live csarda music!)....I've tried doing many searches to find out what ever happened to the restaurant......went there when I was a little girl, as you mentioned in the 80's. Anytime I'm on St.Laurent and Sherbrooke, I reminisce about the delicious food I had (being a little girl, and very fussy regarding food) I looooved their schnitzel (excuse my spelling) and the red cabbage, cucumber salad and home potatoes...... If it were around these days, I'm sure I'd try everything on the sad how there is not one decent real authentic Hungarian restaurant in Montreal.....I think they all left during the Montrealer's exodus to Toronto....btw, I noticed T.O. has a restaurant called Csarda, I'm wondering it's the same family who runs it.....if so, I'll be visiting real soon! - Thanks for the great post!