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Feb 26, 2011 06:09 AM

The Best Baklava in Montreal?

Hi, I recently discover an excellent Turkish pastries store in North Montreal who had the best baklava I ever tasted. The name of the place is Pâtisserie Cicek, located at 3656 Fleury E.

Wonder what other place people may suggest for the best baklava in Montreal?

Hope we get a nice list of location!


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  1. I love the baklava from Afroditi Bakery on St-Roch!

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    1. re: carolilas

      I would definitely recommend Afroditi at St-Roch/Champagneur for baklavas. I lived right next to it for 3 years, and I would go buy a huge pack of baklavas that probably weighted 2 pounds for 15$. They are extremely sirupy, so beware. People at work were very disappointed when I stopped bringing them after I moved. Worth a try for sure! And Afroditi has much else to offer, although not everything is that good.

    2. My favorite one is

      Pâtisserie Mahrouse
      1010, rue de Liège O, Montréal, QC H3N 1B8

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      1. Incredible Lebanese baklava at Amal Bohsali in St-Laurent. (1420 Sauvé West)

        Also see this thread from some years back -

        1. Patisserie St Laurent, a greek pastry shop in VSL has the freshest tasting baklava ever; if you're not a purist, he also does a chocolate dipped mini version that is out of this world!

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          1. re: hungryann

            I totally agree. Checked them out this week & after I bought various baklawa, the kind gentleman (owner I presume) starting filling a box with other baklawa that I did not buy - at no charge!!! He also let me taste their chocolate bite sized baklawa & OMG, it was incredible. Granted not for purists ... but you got to taste them and once you do, it's hard to stop stuffing them in your mouth. I walked away with 4 of each - dark chocolate, milk chocolate & white chocolate. I found their baklawa to be considerably moister than the baklawa I tried from Amal Bohsali & didn't have the rosewater taste that is offputting to me. Patisserie & Chocolaterie St-Laurent, located at 1767 Grenet, right next to the litle cop shop 514.744.2828.

            1. re: RhondaB

              thanks for the 411 will try them pretty soon.

              1. re: RhondaB

                The owner is the sweetest guy ever; I once went around 6pm and he had already closed. He was getting in his car but when he saw me, he came back and opened the store just for me!!!!! He always gives extra samples also and hence why I am addicted to all his goodies! I have no control over the chocolate covered ones.

                1. re: hungryann

                  He also makes excellent made to order birthday cakes.

                2. re: RhondaB

                  I went here the other day after reading this, and am I ever happy I did. It's the perfect baklava! So sweet, so syrupy, so decadent. Best I've had in Montreal!

                  I'm not a fan of the arabic version, as I do love all the syrup and sweetness...this definitely is the version I adore. $10 for a pan of the stuff, so it's priced nicely too.

                  1. re: kimberleyblue

                    I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I also enjoy the syrupiness, I find the arabic version sometimes too dry.

                3. re: hungryann

                  I just went on friday. I hadn<t seen this post but the same happened. I wanted to pay but my debit card isn't the new type with the chip and his machine couldn't take it. I had no cash so he told me just to come back and pay another day. What a sweet man! I felt a little bad but he insisted.

                  The baklavas were amazing. I liked the triangle ones best, flaky and plenty of syrup. I returned today to pay and picked up some cookies. The apple pie was really tempting, anybody tried it?

                  I guess he knew that i would be back for more ;-)

                  1. re: SourberryLily

                    I tend to prefer the arabic baklavas because they are not dripping in syrup. Sometimes greek baklavas are so sweet they make my teeth hurt.

                    However, Im really tempted to try this place now.

                4. Mahrouse is far and away the best I've had as far as middle-eastern style goes. For Greek style, my favourite is Picadilly bakery on Ogilvy street. They have chocolate covered baklava if you are looking for true decadence.