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Feb 26, 2011 06:05 AM

Using a cast iron frying pan over an outdoor grill

I have always grilled directly over hot coals, but like the idea of cooking some things in a cast iron frying pan. I have some that are well seasoned, but my wife doesn't cotton to the idea of a high smoke cooking adventure inside, in the kitchen.

Would this not work equally well if you put the frying pan on top of the grill, over a bed of hot coals?

Anyone tried this?

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  1. I put the cast iron right on top of the coals when I make blackened fish.....not on the grill grate. I cannot think of any reason why you could not use the grill and pan as you have outlined.

    1. When I grill meat I usually have a cast iron pan going on the side where I roast some vegetables. I do it that way to get even caramelization on the veg, and so it gets the nice smokey flavor. Nothing ever happened to the pan.

      1. Your cast iron skillet doesn't care where the heat comes from, it'll respond proportionately to the heat source whether it's lying directly on the coals or exposed to the radiated heat from coals below the grill/grate that you support it with.

        1. We did a lot of cooking in cast iron pans on the grill when we were remodeling the kitchen. I put the pan on the grate of a gas grill and it worked great. Stir-fried vegetables, breakfast potatoes. We even did cornbread in the pan on the grill, just closed the lid and watched the temp.

          1. Works perfectly fine.

            Just ask any cowboy, or camper.