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Dinner for 12--price is an issue

bestmomtofour Feb 26, 2011 06:04 AM

I have been asked to plan a dinner for our group of friends during our trip to Las Vegas. I am thinking a "small plates' option because I am not sure how everyone feels about prices. That way, they can spend as much or as little as they wish. I liked the concept and food at SushiSamba (although a little loud for my taste), but wanted to stay closer to the Aria resort. Here is what I have so far:

Julian Serrano
Jaleo (although, husband and I are eating at é the night before)
China Poblano
Social House

I am also considering Mon Ami Gabi, because I think it is well priced, a nice setting and Paris is close enough to Aria.

(P.S. We are going to try Holstein's for lunch and don't want to go to Todd English's PUB this time around.)

Anything that I am missing in that area of the strip (MGM, Planet Hollywood, Bellagio)?


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