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Feb 26, 2011 04:44 AM


I'm looking for a plancha, or basically a flat piece of preferably carbon steel, but stainless would be ok - anyone know where I can find something like this? Would a place like home depot sell slabs of stainless steel? I am mainly looking to put this on a grill/over a fire, so size isn't a main concern.

Debuyer has what they call a plancha, but it really is a grill pan having raised ridges.

I'm currently using a double burner lodge cast iron griddle, which certainly works, but would be nice to find it in carbon or stainless.

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  1. Mexican shops sell carbon steel colmales - tortilla grills - in a variety of diameters; even oblong ones. Dirt cheep. They usually have a slightly upturned rim.

    Plancha, in Spanish, can mean a grill, or a clothes iron, or even a hair straightener.

    1. I second what paulj said: try a Mexican comal.

      Or if you want something a little different, check out this plancha by Staub:
      He hasn't used it yet, but my husband received one as a gift. It seems to be very well made. I like the fact that it would be hard to accidentally push something off the back.

      1. Thanks a lot...the colmales look like they would work well. Do you have one Paulj? if so, do they have a decent thickness?

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          I have 3. What's a decent thickness? About .08" - less than a deBuyer crepe pan. Your cast iron will be a lot thicker. I'm not sure why I prefer these over the Lodge griddle, but I do use them more.