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Feb 26, 2011 04:31 AM

ISO Sloppy Joe recipe that tastes like Manwich

I have tried many homemade sloppy joe recipes, but my family much prefers Manwich in a can. I'd like to find a recipe that tastes like it that I can make from scratch. Anyone have one?

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    1. re: drongo

      Just make sure to use some TVP and MSG, and grind everything up very, very fine, and it should be okay. : )
      Every now and again I have a craving for actual Manwich too...(running away...)

      1. re: mamachef

        I just bought a bag of MSG to start adding to things. As Alan Barnes says 'ooh, mommy.'

    2. Hi mom -- berkleybabe here. I use a recipe that I think I learned from Girl Scouts: brown 1 lb. ground beef (drain), add at least one diced onion and sautee till softened, add one can tomato soup (I use lower sodium), one can water. Sprinkle in some garlic powder, a couple of good shots of Worcestshire (maybe 1-2 T) and a splash of cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Cook for 15 - 20 minutes until reduced and not soupy. The soup gives it a bit of sweetness, the vinegar a little sour. I NEVER use green peppers. Reminds me of sleep-overs and birthday parties in junior high! Hope this helps.

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      1. re: berkleybabe

        Thanks - I will give that a shot. Good info from a fellow Girl Scout! Good to see a fellow Michigander here on the homecooking list.

      2. USDA school cafeteria Sloppy Joe on Roll

        Sloppy Joe recipes from old newspapers

        Sloppy Joes - Jun 1956

        Sloppy Joes - Apr 1958

        Sloppy Joes - Mar 1966

        Sloppy Joes - Feb 1968

        1. Sloppy Joe Filling

          1 T olive oil
          1 small onion diced
          1.5 lbs of lean ground beef
          1 can tomato sauce (no salt)
          2 T tomato paste
          2 jalapeno peppers seeded and minced
          4 cloves garlic minced
          1 red pepper diced
          1/2 t dry mustard
          1 T molasses
          1 T red wine vinegar
          1 T Worcestershire sauce
          salt & pepper to taste

          Saute onion in olive oil in preheated skillet until translucent. Add red pepper and jalapeneos and saute until soft. Add ground beef and garlic over medium heat and cook until beef is no longer red. Add remaining ingredients and and simmer 20 minutes.

          I think the sweetness of the molasses is what makes this recipe more like Manwich.

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          1. re: noodlepoodle

            I doubt you'll find a hefty dose of jalapeno and red pepper in "real" Manwich...just buy the dang can of stuff and be done with it