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Feb 25, 2011 11:24 PM

Need more prep-ahead freezer meal ideas - but healthy ones!

I am single and on a recent health kick to lose some weight. In the past, I have relied on some pre-prepared Trader Joe's meals, eating out a lot, and heavier freezer meals like stew, chili, lasagna and other pasta dishes, and the like.

For two weeks, I have broken away from eating useless carbs (no bread or pasta) and have been eating mostly fruits and vegetables with occasional fish and whole grains.

I now have a ton of vegetable-based frozen soup in my freezer and other than an occasional stir-fry, I am at a loss on other things I can start making.

I specifically want freezer items because the idea of chopping and preparing fresh vegetables every day for lunch and dinner is becoming a time-suck. I need some ideas of make-ahead, large portion HEALTHY meals that I can either nurse for a day or two or freezer in portions.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Bean-based stews freeze well and can be extremely healthy (or, of course, as unhealthy as you want to make them). There are great recipes for stews/thick soups make of chickpeas, lentils, and dozens of other kinds of legumes. You can find some really interesting ideas, with a lot of African flavors, if you look around.

    I generally cook giant pots of soups/stews on the weekends when I am home, then heat them up for dinners and lunches throughout the week. My freezer is typically loaded with about 4-5 different selections so it doesn't get boring. We also mix this up with quick-cooking things like grilled/broiled chops plus steamed vegetables. It really takes very little time to cut up some broccoli and steam it, for example.

    One other suggestion is to make soupier stews that can then be served over a quick-cooking grain like quinoa, which you can boil up in 15 minutes. This makes a tasty, filling, and healthy meal.

    Good luck! It does take a while to train yourself to not only eat healthily, but also to WANT to eat healthily. But after a while (months/maybe years) you will notice yourself just getting turned off by super-fatty food, because you'll really start feeling gross after you eat it. This is not to say that I do not enjoy macaroni and cheese from time to time, of course--but I eat it maybe 3x a year.

    1. Just picked up a copy Frozen Assests and FA "Lite and Easy." Haven't amde anything yet but worth thumbing through a copy at your local library or