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Feb 25, 2011 08:55 PM

ferme-auberge in provence

Dear Fellow Chowhounds,
Early this summer, we are spending 6 days in Provence, 3 in Vaucluse area, then 3 in the Grand Luberon. I have a list of great cafes and restaurants to try, but am looking for a farm restaurant to have a casual and unique experience (avec vin!). I already know about Auberge de la Loube near Buoux, but I am hoping someone on this board can tell me about other great casual farm experience that hasn't made it into Rick Steves/Lonely Planet, etc.
All the best,

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  1. I don't read Rick Steves or Lonely Planet therefore don't know what has or has not made it into those books, but the only foreigners I see in the ferme-auberges that I recommend below are my party. In fact the owner of one of them was so surprised to see me - Asian - that he came out to ask me how I had heard about the place.
    My fave ferme-auberges in Provence are:
    - le Castelas in Sivergues,
    - le Domaine de Tenon in Violès, which makes it own oil too,
    - le ferme-auberge Barbegal near Arles, only 1 km from tje breathtaking Roman mills of Barbegal.
    Food-wise, I like Barbegal most, Le Tenon a close second. Setting-wise Le Castelas in Sivergues is out of this world: There's nothing like lunching outside the sprawling sheep farm in front of cliffs, with little sheep jumping on your table.

    Here is a list from Bienvenue à la ferme:

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      Thanks Parigi and boredough for the recommendations. We will definitely try at least one of these three, if not all.

    2. Le Castelas in Sivèrgues is fabulous. Try to go for dinner when they serve roast pig (it's delicious) and you can watch the glorious sunset, weather permitting. If you end up dining outside, the goats & pigs may join you.

      1. Hello Caffey. Can you share some of your favorite restaurants in provence? did you find any ferme auberges that you recommend? thanks!

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          Hi Eva,
          We don't go until June. Will definitely post on anything great that we find.

          1. I'd love to see the list of cafe's and restaurants that you are thinking of. We will be in the area in July.

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              There are already a number of discussions about restaurants in the Lubéron etc. such as:
              Where will you be staying?