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Feb 25, 2011 07:35 PM

French Quarter Fest 2011

Hello fellow chowhounders,

Me and some of my closest are planning a trip down to The Big Easy from our native Toronto. I have a short itinerary, and was hoping to here some rec's as well for traditional foods. Also, I was curious what the festival was like asides from music (aka food stands, or other must do's).

Anyway without further ado; my list. So far we have, cafe du monde, casamentos, domilise, parkway bakery, central grocery, napoleon house. Would love to here personal favorite dishes at those places (or otherwise reasons for/against going to any of them).

Also a bonus would be if anyone happens to know any good Irish pubs, told some friends here I would do a bit of photography of them down there on their behalf.

Thanks guys! Can't wait to get back to Nola!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Do not get the roast beef poboy at Domilise's, not good at all. Their fried stuff is better.

      1. the irish bar i have been to is finn mccools irish bar in mid-city. i am sure there are others, check out some of my favorite websites. the gambit weekly's site.) timespicauyne site),, magazine) orleans magazine's site) tom fitzmorris' site), urbanspoon/new orleans. lots of bar and restaurant info in all these. most of your restaurant selections are sandwich places. that's great, if that's what you are mostly eating. let us know what else you like and we can help you.

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          I do love a good sandwich... However I would also love to pig out on crawfish. Amoungst other things my self and the lads are looking to get some good turtle soup, gator (wouldn't mind even cooking some myself if anyone has any tips), gumbo, etouffee, amoungst other traditional canjun, creole, new orleans dishes, suggestions are very much welcomed!

        2. So in regards to French Quarter Fest - what is the food like in the food booths - anything we should definitely try? Is Sunday night a bad time to try as things will be shutting down?

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          1. re: calimn

            Yes, Sunday is a terrible time. Friday is the best day because it is not as crowded. I will be there when it opens on Friday. Also, they are adding another day this year, Thursday, which should be nice as well. Saturday and Sunday are ridiculously crowded.

            1. re: calimn

              Do not miss the goat cheese crepes with crawfish sauce from Muriel's. Their booth is on the Chartres Street/St. Ann Street corner of the Square.

              1. re: rouxdauphine

                Second that motion. Be sure to find the Muriel's booth. Go early. Food booths get ridiculously long lines as it gets later.

              2. re: calimn

                EAT usually has a booth at the Mint with shrimp and grits that are delicious.
                Also, on the Esplanade side of the Mint, they have had a giant crawfish boil the last couple of years that was also pretty tasty.

              3. Irish pub? The Erin Rose across the street from the Prince Conti Hotel....big fun.