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Frozen Yogurt in T.O?

I've been to a bunch of cute little frozen yogurt places around toronto, but which one do you think is the best? I'm looking in the area around downtown, but am willing to go far for food :)

Some popular ones I've noticed are Blushberry and Menchies?

I personally like Menchie's a lot, because of its self-serve concept and the many different (and delicious!) variety of toppings.

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      im also a fan of menchies....i love the whole concept plus its really nice to be able to sit down and enjoy your food in a nice bright space. (ie the vaughan location).

    2. I like Mon Berri on Bloor at Huron. Also, CĂ©fiore. Those are my two pinkberry-esque faves!!

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        Yeah, I like Mon Berri too, but I'm not a fan of their smoothies. I haven't been there lately though, but do they still sell bubble tea?

      2. The new deKefir in the Bay-Adelaide centre is fantastic.

        1. I love yogurt, but is there a place that serves good soft serve? Or am I stuck with Dairy Queen and McDonald's?

          1. Have you seen YoYo's on Bloor near Spadina? They are in London, ontario, and I've been to that one several times, and love it. They just opened the location on Bloor as their second one - same as the one in London. They have a number of fat free self serve soft frozen yogurts, which are excellent, and you add in all the toppings you want from a topping bar. The cost goes by weight.

            They told me they are poised to open 20 or 30 locations - not sure if that's true, but I do think they are very good. (then again, I haven't tried Menchies)

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              +1 for YoYo's. Amazing space, nice flavours and

              Also for deKefir, Been there once and am appalled that they do not open on weekend...but in a good way.

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                Menchies yogurt is amazing on its own as it is made from scratch each day with quality ingredients. Their toppings are varied across the map from chocolate chips to gummie bears to peanut butter sauce to really good fresh fruit. LOVE Menchies - need to try YoYo's now!

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                  I go to school near Yoyo's, so I go there at least once a week on Bloor. It's really great, the yogurt is made of natural ingredients and they have monthly specials too. But sometimes I find that the frozen yogurt is too soft and watery. I find that Menchie's is better because their yogurt is colder and they have a lot more variety of interesting flavours.

                  1. re: frostie

                    The trick to YoYo's machines is the handle. If you pull too hard, you get way too much of the one flavour. Go slow with it, and it'll be fine.
                    I like that YoYo's product retains some of the tart flavour, which Menchie loses in all except the original tart variety.

                    Edit: There is apparently a cafe near Yonge & Finch (Think it's called 'Juicy Babes') that also has very good fro yo.
                    And, try out Mon Berri on St. George, it isn't half bad and it is the blush berry concept, i.e. not self-serve.

                2. Toppings? Frozen Yogurt is like cheesecake - if it need toppings, the then the stuff isn't that good to start with. I've not found anything that tops Swiss Master straight from the machine. It actually tastes like yoghurt.