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Feb 25, 2011 06:36 PM

Phenomenal food at Helsinki in Hudson, NY

Club Helsinki, formerly in Great Barrington, Mass., moved to Hudson last year, and a few months ago, opened "The Restaurant", though we only heard about it a few weeks ago. We finally tried it this week, and were amazed at how wonderful it is, and yet, so far, relatively undiscovered. First of all, the atmosphere, in an old industrial building, is beautiful. Lots of exposed brick, wood, high ceilings, huge windows and subdued lighting make for a very charming and comfortable space. We looked over the wine list, which has some nice selections, but opted for one of the interesting beers available on draft. The food has a strong southern influence, and the menu is small (I hope they will expand it) but everything looked very appealing. We had the fried green tomatoes and the shrimp in a black-eyed pea batter to start. Both were delicious, the tomatoes lightly battered and served with a nice buttermilk dressing, the 3 shrimp of massive size, very flavorful and perfectly fried. For main courses, we ordered the fried chicken and a special of barbecued quail. Both were outstanding, and the portions were quite generous. We didn't really need to have dessert but could not resist the sticky toffee pudding, which we shared. It was one of the best examples of this dessert we have had. The dining scene in Hudson has had its ups and downs, and though it is currently doing pretty well, more choices are always welcome, and Helsinki is doing a great job of filling that need. I am really impressed that even though it has only been open a short time, it is one of the best choices for food in Hudson. I am looking foirward to trying it again soon.

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  1. Thanks for the report, rrems. How does it compare to Carolina House?

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      I think it was a bit better overall, though as I noted the menu is rather limited. The great thing about Carolina House, aside from the quality of food and atmosphere, is the extensive menu. If Helsinki expands the menu to provide more variety, it will be a top restaurant in this area.

    2. I totally agree. I manage an artist who played there a couple of weeks ago and was
      blown away by just how good the food was. Usually in a club like BB Kings or so the food is lousy but this was terrific. I ordered the shrimp appetizer as I sat at the bar and it was so
      good I ordered another. We also had the steak and it was delicious. Great place to spend a night.