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Feb 25, 2011 04:57 PM

Another good meal at Piermont Pizza

Tonight we went to Piermont Pizza, my husband had the shrimp scampi, very traditional, a bit saucy but a good sauce so no complaints. I had the special, cavatellii, spinach, and sausage, cooked the way a good Italian mom would do it. Really good, basic dish done well. We also had the fried calamari, it was good, but too salty. I really like the old fashioned Italian dished I've had here on my visits. It's still byob as they await a liquor license.

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  1. Another meal report
    We had another great meal, went back 2 times in the past week. The margarita pie, added fresh garlic was so good, thin crisp crust, fresh basil, fresh mozz. all that you would expect from a good pie shop. The broccoli rabe on garlic bread, once again a winner, spaghetti and meat balls, good, even the garlic knots were worth mentioning. They have a liquor lic. and for dessert there's Jane's ice cream. What more can you ask for from a simple local family friendly pizza restaurant. Great to have this place in the area.