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Feb 25, 2011 04:21 PM

Does anyone really LOVE sous vide?

In talking with my food-loving friends, we've all concluded that food cooked sous vide is uniformly ghastly, especially proteins. They all seem to take on an odd, pre-digested texture and sometimes have an off-putting reduced aroma (as in the chemical reaction, not the technique). Other times the flavor is just gone all together.
I know it saves restaurants money and tenderizes tough meat, but how many of us can stand up and say they love food cooked this way?

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  1. Thank goodness, no place I go does this. And from what I am able to gleam from various food shows, I really do say I so agree, it looks were than nasty.

    But on Chow video after a good while of trying to ignore it, I finally watched. Something about hacking your slow cooker so you can SV.
    I would love to have that egg on my plate now, yes now.

    So I am very sure that since it is so Uber trendy, SV, especially bad SV", will rise on menus. Home cooks will make SV parties! Nasty bas stuff in the forecast.

    But I do not think it is the technique that is faulty but rather the person using it.

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    1. re: Quine

      Good point. Maybe I'm not giving it a fair chance.

    2. THANK YOU for saying this!!
      I mean, the meat looks BOILED. Where's the char?

        1. I LOVE it! I cook this way at least twice a week. You have to sear the meat after you sous vide it.

          I use a Sous Vide Supreme because I wanted to have more control over temperature than my crockpot with a cocked lid afforded me. I usually use a propane torch to sear the meat (be sure the flame is all blue and clear) but sometimes I pan sear it. I'll even toss it on the grill for literally a minute.

          For me, this cooking method is infallible and it also takes so little hands-on time. I really love it.

          1. Sounds like you've only have sous vide done badly.

            I cook sous vide on a regular basis. There is no reason sous vide cooking necessarily has to have any of the negative effects you describe.

            I will say that I don't generally enjoy the 30-72 hour long sous vide "braises" because they are generally too mushy for me. I cook less braising cuts for less time, and the texture is typically more meaty and cohesive, similar to a good steak.

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            1. re: cowboyardee

              See, I love the 48 hour 135F short ribs. It's in my top 3 things to sous vide.

              1. re: runwestierun

                Personal preference. I'm not saying they're objectively bad - just not to my tastes.