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Feb 25, 2011 04:17 PM

ISO Shaved Steak in Toronto/GTA

Wednesday's Dining section in the NY Times contained a long article on shaved steak, and its adaptability to various cuisines and dishes. Unless one has either a deli-slicer or a very sharp knife and a great deal of time and patience, the writer observed, the meat is best purchased shaved, Does anyone know of a source for this in the GTA ? Thank you!

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    1. I never read the article, so I don't know the application of the meat. But fame in J-town has fantastic naturally raised thinly slice meat for hotpot. If you're looking for a different thickness they also have a deli slicer.

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      1. re: eco987

        Galleria Korean Market sells it fresh and frozen.
        Including more than one quality of meat.
        Have never purchased it in J-Town so can't compare, but recently purchased totally marbled Black Angus at Galleria.

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          Sorry - but what is "fame in J-town" ? is there a grocer named "Fame" ? and what is "J-town" ?

            1. re: Bigtigger

              Sorry, I meant Famu (auto correct changed my original post) in J-Town. J-Town is a complex filled with small Japanese stores. There is a butcher there call Famu, which shaves meat for Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu use. I don't like the fish market there, but the butcher has some great product.