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Feb 25, 2011 04:13 PM

Anyone eaten at Tocabe?

I just heard about this place, but can't find a mention on CH. Has anyone been?

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  1. I have, I enjoyed it. A nice change of pace from Chipotle or Illegal Pete's.

    1. I love it too. I don't get there too often because of its location but the meat is so good, the fry bread is nice and crispy and I love the sauces.

      1. I really, really wanted to like this place. But after two visits, I gave up on them and never went back. Their fry bread was good, though.

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        1. re: ToddBradley

          Why? If you're going to trash a place, the least you can do is tell us what was wrong. Compared to places like illegal pete's or chipotle (it's competitors, IMO), what did it do worse? I only ate there once or twice, and my expectations were on par with those places, and it delivered.

          1. re: LurkerDan

            I never trashed the place. All I said was I gave up on them. If you like it, great. Since you asked for details, here they are.

            The first time I went, I had a nice conversation with the staff while I ordered. I noticed they had guacamole on the menu, so I asked about it. They told me how delicious it was. So I ordered some. "Oh, we're all out. Sorry." OK, the place is brand new, and maybe they just didn't buy enough avocados this week or something. I also noticed their green chile stew on the menu, and asked about that. "Oh, it's really delicious." "So do you have that?" "I don't think so. Let me go in the back and see if I can find some." Five minutes later: "I'm sorry, we're all out. But next time we'll have some for sure.

            On that first trip, the food was good, but not great. It was a little bland, and the stuff they put on top of the fry bread was so watery that the fry bread got soggy. Oh well, I'll give them a month or two and let them sort out their problems.

            So a couple months later, I'm in the mood for green chile stew. I head back to Tocabe. "Hey, how's it going? Yeah, I drove down here from Broomfield to get some of that green chile stew you told me about before." "Oh, I'm sorry that's not on the menu any more." "But if it was so good, why did you take it off the menu?" "There's only one person who knows how to make it, and she's not here." "OK, well how about an Indian taco with bison and guacamole." "We're all out of guacamole. And we don't have any bison this week." "OK, do you have beef?" "No, but we have ground turkey." "Ewww, well let's try a different approach. You tell me what you DO have, and I'll order that. As long as it's not ground turkey."

            And, again, the food was bland. I don't live in the area, so if I'm going to drive half an hour to get there, it better be better than the Chipotle or Qdoba that I can get anywhere. They definitely have a great concept; I think it's the only place in Denver that focuses on Native American inspired food.

            1. re: ToddBradley

              Thanks for the explanation, and sorry for using the word "trashing"; giving up on a place is akin to a negative review, which is all I meant. Just wanted to know what negative things you experienced that made you give up on them. And in the context of your post, no way would I say it is worth traveling to, any more than Chipotle or Qdoba. I had an enjoyable meal there on par with those places, but a change of pace. But not worth a 30 minute drive, more along the lines of "go there if I'm in the area and looking for fast-food".