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Feb 25, 2011 03:04 PM

Zuni Cafe roast chicken - if you've made it and liked it is there one you like even better?

That about says it. I made it again last night and just love it. The golden, crispy skin, the moist bird, the herbs, the ease. I'm not looking for other recipes unless you've made the Zuni one also. Trying to do apples and apples :)

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  1. No. I've made roast chicken so many different ways, butterflied, different temps (starting high and reducing, staying high, staying at 350), on the grill, beer can and various soda cans, on a grill rotisserie, different pans, etc., etc. and Zuni is my standard. I very rarely get to the point where I decide, "This is it, I don't need to look further" but I have with this. I've varied it somewhat minimally, adding garlic cloves, different herbs but the technique itself, IMO, is unbeatable.

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      That could be a HC thread of its own --- the recipes we don't tinker with :)

      I've cooked few roast chickens because I've never been impressed with the result. But after so many people praised/ranted about it, I became a believer. I look forward to looking back :) on the day I found the one true chicken religion :) Thanks for weighing in.

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        ditto. sometimes I don't salt far enough in advance, but I always use the Zuni method now.

      2. Zuni is my favorite but when I don't think ahead to the 3 day brine I do the Keller Roast Chicken. A very simple second option.

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          That's a good idea. I do have to plan ahead for the Zuni one which considering my crazy schedule doesn't always work.

        2. No, no favorite technique.

          My favorite roast chicken depends less on technique or cooking method and more on the type of chicken.

          Now when I am making roast chicken at home, I make sure to buy a freshly butchered chicken.

          Otherwise, I'm like chowser. I basically "sleep around" when it comes to how to prepare a roast chicken.

          1. To echo chower's post, aside from whatever various seasoning methods or ingredients you chose, imo I find that the high heat technique as per Zuni is the best way to roast a chicken.

            1. I love the Zuni chicken. For me, the only downside is my discomfort with the amount of heat combined with the the amount of messing about with the chicken. I have yet to Zuni and not burn myself. Clearly a failing of the cook, not the recipe! I will say my first Zuni was what prompted me to buy those hot pads designed to slide over the pan handle.

              That's my winter chicken. In the summer, it's beer can on the grill. I try very hard not to turn on the over in the summer.

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              1. re: NanH

                Yes, I have an oven mitt that I really never use except when making this. It stays on it til it's completely cool. I'm pretty sure jfood has done the Z chick on the grill as he hates all the smoke when doing it in the oven.

                1. re: c oliver

                  Mine doesn't smoke??? I have roasted turkey on the grill in the roasting pan, but I don't think I could get the grill hot enough without turning on the flame under the pan to do a Zuni chicken. Then there's the whole flipping part. My grill anyway, would be down to about 200 if I left the lip open for as long as it would take me to flip the bird.

                2. re: NanH

                  Thanks f0r reminding me I need a last winter chicken!
                  Warming the place while making dinner is a plus in my casa, this time 0f year, anyway.
                  0n the menu this week, rain will be here Wednesday.

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                    2nd, NanH on beer can chicken in the summer - perfectly juicy with crispy skin when cooked indirectly on my webber grill.