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Feb 25, 2011 02:59 PM

Mini bagels near Capitol Hill

I'm looking for mini bagels near Capitol Hill. The only places I can find are in Bethesda but Virginia would be easier. Any thoughts?

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  1. Ok mini bagels anywhere downtown? In DC? Anyone?

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    1. re: epicuriositykilledthecatfish

      Really sorry, but I haven't heard of a good mini-bagel in DC since Posin's closed. And that was probably 15 years ago. A google search reveals a place called Bagels & Baguettes that isn't too far (236 Mass Ave NE), but 1) I don't even know if they have mini-bagels and 2) i don't know if they are any good, as I have never been there. The best bagels downtown I have had are from Bruegger's, but I don't think they do minis (I would also expect that my opinion may be contraversial).

      500 John Carlyle St, Alexandria, VA 22314