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Feb 25, 2011 01:11 PM

buttermilk biscuits-self rising or ap flour?

I've been using this biscuit recipe:
that calls for AP flour. however, i'm all out and have a bunch of self rising flour (national brand) to use up. do i keep the baking powder, baking soda and salt in the recipe or is it redundant with self rising flour?

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    1. The buttermilk is supposed to react with the soda for leavening. If the flour already has baking powder, you can omit the baking powder in the recipe.

      Try the biscuits with buttermilk and soda. If the biscuits rise too much, omit the baking soda and convert the buttermilk to regular milk. Buttermilk tastes different but you may not notice it in the biscuits and the acid isn't needed unless you have the soda.

      1. Definitely omit the baking powder and salt. Whether to keep the baking soda is debateable.

        Is there a biscuit recipe on the self rising flour bag?

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          The biscuit recipes on all the SR flour bags I've had call for just the flour, fat and liquid. I could run downstairs and double-check but I've bought enough Martha White and White Lily to have the memory burned in pretty well.

          And I always use SR flour for biscuits if I can. I read a long time ago that no matter what brand it was, the millers always used lower-gluten wheat to make their self-rising flour than for their AP, and low gluten is what saves hamfisted oafs such as me from turning out biscuits you might could use for cobblestones. Back when White Lily was still really White Lily I even tried to overwork the dough, just as a test, and while they were in no danger of floating off into the air they were still reasonably tender.