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Feb 25, 2011 12:37 PM

Wedding Cake Bakery - South Miami or the Keys

Hi S. Fla hounds.

I'm in Fort Lauderdale, but getting married in the Upper Keys. I am looking for a wedding cake bakery in South Miami or the Upper Keys that will make and deliver a great and gorgeous cake. I'd like to be able to schedule a few tastings to get my bearings on what we want.

The one place that has been recommended to me in that area is Bobs Bunz, but their tasting policy is really off putting. (Buy a cake, in any flavor you want!" Want to try two flavors? Buy two cakes!").

Any recommendations appreciated.


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  1. I have a recommendation but it's not a bakery. There's a pastry chef in town that's been doing all of my cakes and she does a beautiful (and delicious) job. Her name is Michelle Arthur Cabrera. If you email her directly she can provide you with more information: Everything she's done for my friends and for me has been extraordinary so I'm sure she can come up with something perfectly tailored to your needs.

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      Thank you for the recommendation!

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        This is her facebook album.!/album.php?...

        Not sure if she has a website...

      2. Joelle Josefsberg makes wonderful and creative cakes (as well as incredible blondies).

        She delivers to Miami but you might be able to get them to deliver to the Keys.

        1. You would have to ask how far south she will deliver but check her out, her cakes are delicious and moist and original and VERY detailed!