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Merrick/Bellemore, LI - any decent pizza?

Preferably thin crust? Thanks!

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  1. La Piazza in Merrick is fantastic, on Merrick Road.

    La Piazza
    2191 Merrick Rd, Merrick, NY 11566

    1. Beautiful thin crust pizza, a fantastic antipasto and first rate calzone are all standouts at this woodfired brick oven gem. The eggplant calzone is to die for!


      San Marzano
      38 Merrick Ave, Merrick, NY 11566

      1. la piazza is really good. if youre a lil further west i love the chicken caesar slice at villa formia in oceanside, used to get it all the time when i worked closed by...its good warm or cold

        1. Stellas in Bellmore has been around since 1978. It's hit or miss on the thinness of the pizza and generally how good it is mostly depending on who is behind the counter actually making the pizza. They cop a really bad attitude and nasty disposition most of the time and like to abuse the customers by first ignoring them and then yelling next as soon as the first word is uttered, as well as other annoying habits they employ, but don't let that deter you from trying them out.

          Over in Merrick, there is San Marzano as mentioned by kelvin8r. It is usually Very good! And very thin and small pizza.

          BellAmore was good, but has gone way down hill in the past year. (just as an avoid).
          Sorry, I'm not a fan of la piazza.

          1. OK someone will have to help me out here, but 4 or 5 years ago my SIL took me to a place that she had fallen in love with. They made pretty good pizza with a perfect crust, but it was also a little grocery store or something like that. In North Bellmore near a fire station? On one of the main north/south roads. If I remembered the name I would recommend it! Sort of curious if they're still there, but they looked like they had been there forever.

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              if it's the crunchy crust pizza it may be


              1354 Newbridge Rd, North Bellmore, NY 11710

              (516) 783-1300

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                Newbridge sounds right, I'm going to ask and will confirm. The big thing is that they have that grainy semolina or whatever it is on the bottom.

                It's worth a recommendation anyway, just don't expect anything fancy with the dining area and that's putting it mildly. Personally I'd do takeout.

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                  That's the place with that crunchy grainy crust. It's different and it's pretty good pizza... and other items...

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                      Please confirm with your SiL if it is indeed Pizellis on Rt 106

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                        I should be talking to her this weekend, will do.

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                          so... she said... it was Pizzeli's ?

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                            I emailed her Saturday night and awaiting her reply. She must have been out and didn't answer her phone unfortunately! (Don't worry, it's on my endless "to do" list, I want to know too.)

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                              She just got back to me and said it is Pizzetti's and their phone # is 516/783.1300. She also said it's more of a deli and they just happen to have great pizza in addition.

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                                Pizzeli's Pizzeria Delicatessen and Caterers
                                1354 Newbridge Rd
                                N Bellmore, NY 11710
                                (516) 783-1300

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                                  I will correct her next time we speak!

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                                    the crunchies on the bottom of the pizza are kinda nice. something a little different to keep it interesting.

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                                      I know, I'm very traditional about my pizza but it was a nice addition. She was obsessed with finding out what it was but they never gave her a straight answer.

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                                        it's unlike the cornmeal that the local pizza joints used to put under the pies in large quantities way back.

                                        though i'm unsure if the pizza is worth mentioning aside from the crunchies. it's not bad. at all. it's just your regular good LI pizza. but with a crunchy thingy twist to it.

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                                          Exactly, I thought coarse semolina myself. Obviously a trade secret. I've only been there that one time, at least five years ago, so I can't even remember the specifics. Except that it was in North Bellmore! And then I took the leftovers home and my husband happily ate them, with no complaints. The end.

                                          I grew up in Levittown myself and was surprised to see my favorite place from high school days still open, not that I ever manage to stop by. But that is cool. Just the fact that Pizzetti/Pizeli is still open years later, despite the economic changes in the meantime, must mean something?

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                                            word has it that it's been up for sale for a few years now...
                                            i saw a bin of the crunchies next to the flour where the pizzas are assembled.
                                            there is a woman there that likes to be difficult. i checked other web sites, Yelp, etc. and she's got a reputation for being an ass. ignore her. like she isn't even there....

                                            unfortunately some other local Bellmore/Merrick pizza joints have gone downhill. BellAmore on Merrick Rd. was very good, but then last year reduced the price to $10 a pie and threw all quality out the window. The cheese is a plastic like substance, etc...

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                                              You should steal some of the crunchies and take it to a lab to be analyzed, before she disappears into the night!

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                                                i'm gonna head over there later today just to scrape some off the bottom of my slice and get it to my nutritional anthropologist for further study... LOL!

            2. Pizza in these towns is very territorial. I'd know - living there for 44 years combined in each town after getting the hell out (month before Sandy!). With Merrick: North Merrick is Galleria's domain. Calhoun kids would trample Via Roma II. Commuters will hit up Roma Pizzeria in 'town' to bring a pie home for the kids. Brick Oven and deep-pocketed fans go to San Marzano. Stop and Shoppers (and I, later) became a regular of Milo's in the Merrick Mall Shopping Center (a dump, BTW - Merrick you should be ashamed!). Southerners enjoy Joey's or trek over to Bellmore for Stella's (also a personal favorite). North Bellmore, sorry, can't help you there, you guys are more related to East Meadow in my book.

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                best sum up I've read. and accurate! LOL!

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                  ..."maybe in time for the holidays food shopping"....

                  1. re: Gastronomos

                    About time. That outdated supermarket has had minimal changes ever since its "Food Fair" days (to become "Pantry Pride", "Finast", "Edward's", and finally "Stop & Shop"). Of course the major reason for the delays was because of community politics, and the demands of that B.S. "Merrick Woods Homeowners Association" wanting this and that. Either way, 36,000 sq feet is no prize. In my new NJ digs, my local supermarket sports 75,000 sq feet - but anything is better than what was. Now, the Merrick Mall folks should redo the rest of the "mall", since the refurb in the '90's was an el-cheapo job - and that yellow vinyl siding is putrid.

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                    I grew up in N. Merrick - this post is so accurate - 100% true. The last few times I have been home - I've always had dinner at La Strada. Great food and great pizza.

                  3. Luigiā€™s Pizza
                    1906 Newbridge Rd
                    North Bellmore, NY 11710
                    (516) 781-1100

                    this old school pizza place is very popular.
                    call your order in ahead of time and it'll be ready for you when you arrive to take it away.
                    it's mobbed by HS kids at lunch, but it's take-away business is phenomenal to watch. It's such a small place that does a huge volume. their 4 dinners for $22 is a very popular take-away choice with their pizza. it's the sauce here that makes it. not a sugary sweet sauce, nor an industrial pizza sauce, just a good tasting sauce for their food.

                    1. if you venture out of the area a little, raimo's in freeport and paradiso in rockville centre are both quite good. paradiso was our go to place before we moved upstate. sometimes when we visit relatives we'll even get one to bring home since nothing in the albany area compares.

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                        paradiso in RVC is good, but they lean on the thick crust side of pizza. i first tried them in 2001 or thereabouts and things have changed a lot since then. still, when in RVC, it's a good choice.

                        I'm guessing it's about a 15 minute drive from albany, but I am a huge fan of all the food, pizza included, at Paul's Pizza and Pasta
                        11824 New York 385, West Coxsackie, NY


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                          Well if you're going off Long Island and coming up the Taconic, that's a whole new can of worms. My family is at Four Brothers in Valatie a few times a week, as are most in the area; they are Greek (which we got used too in a pizzeria, since my husband adores junky gyros)and their salad dressing it to die for http://www.fourbrotherspizzainn.com/ but there is a Neopolitan place down the block called La Bella that we adore. http://labellavalatie.com/ When we lived up there for a short while in the 1990s there was no such thing as (what we considered) good pizza, wonderful how things change with time. There is hope for us pizza addicts!

                          1. re: coll

                            with 9 locations it sure is easy to find them!
                            Mahopac is closest to LI and the Rhinebeck location is of particular interest to me. Thanks coll !

                            1. re: Gastronomos

                              As I said, when we lived up there for a few years there was no good pizza, but they've been developing the clientele lately. Check out Hudson sometime, when I worked in the area it was pretty bad, now it's Hipster Central! Tons of upscale restaurants.

                              1. re: coll

                                davmar77 mentioned that the Albany area is void of pizza, so I thought that mentioning Paul's Pizza and Pasta as a good, but casual, place is worth a stop.

                                I am interested in Hudson for sure as I have a friend with a 'getaway' place in that area. Glad to hear we can eat out around there too!

                                1. re: Gastronomos

                                  Used to be just a few places to go in Hudson, now you could eat somewhere different every day for a month. I'm sure your friend will have some favorites!

                                  1. re: coll

                                    I doubt it. it's usually us cooking at his place. and that is ALWAYS better than eating out. we do cook up a storm.
                                    but sometimes you just gotta go grab something. sometimes it's in the car driving home and want something to eat for the trip, before we end up at a rest stop...

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                                      The rest stop on the Taconic down near 84 is being remade into a New York State Farmer's Market kind of theme. Just as long as they don't do those old fashioned latrines like they used to have in PA!

                                      1. re: coll

                                        I'd like to see what they'll accomplish, but I will hedge my bets on the local chow...

                                        coll, don't forget to let us all know about the farmers markets etc all over Long Island when they start popping up ;-)

                                        and I get enough of the old fashioned latrines on many trips upstate... (they beat the woods tho... jussayin')

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                                          All I know is the Riverhead Market, which actually replaced the Easthampton or Sag Harbor one. It is more upscale, not so much produce, a cornucopia of delights. Aside from that, I sort of stay local.

                                          As far as Columbia county and the outlying areas, you may be pleasantly surprised, They are well known for their dairy and apples, just that is worth checking it out.

                                          We had a summer country house up in Columbia county when I was a little kid, no bathroom or running water. That turned me off to outhouses for life!!

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                                            and since we're outta Bellmore/Merrick for pizza and more, I'd like to give a shout out to the best pizza on LI in Elmont. Gino's of Elmont on Dutch Broadway. Puts all others to shame.

                                        2. re: coll

                                          The rest area on the Taconic just opened, one of Cuomo's pet projects. Everything local, on a rotating menu. Farmer's markets are such the "in" thing now!